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  1. guy sitting next to me

    I think it was Polk wasn't it?
  2. trek decking

  3. We fish mostly up by the dam in Guttenburg on the Mississippi. Dad's 34 pounder was a flat head. The one I caught earlier this year was a channel cat. We were hoping to catch a few more cat as they go up to the dam to spawn, but we caught mostly sheephead. They're fun to catch too and can get pretty big, but nothing compared to catching a good sized cat. We ended up being a few weeks early for the spawn. A couple weeks later my old man was up there fishing and they were catching 15 pounders like nothing. Good times!
  4. Catfish are one of the funnest fish to catch...they go right to the bottom once they're hooked. I caught an 8 pounder this spring and it put up a good fight. I can't imagine catching one that big. My dad caught a 34 pounder a few years took him an hour and a half to get it in. What's the biggest you've caught Hat?
  5. Happy Birthday!

    Happy B-day Darin!
  6. It's Hotter then

    It's hotter than a fat African American at a free dance.
  7. What the hell is wrong with people

    I can't read this Sega! anymore. It's just too depressing.
  8. This is starting to get a little weirder than I expected.
  9. The British Open

    Speaking of Daly. I went to the John Deere Classic last Friday. We went up to the driving range to watch him bang some balls. Well he showed up and went to the putting green first. Putted maybe 4 balls, smoked 4 cigarettes then went to the range, pulled out his driver, hit one down the middle and that was it. He then went and sat down in the shade and smoked a few more cigs and drank a pop. A buddy of mine works at the casino and said he was up till 3 AM the night before drinking like a fish and gambling. He's a piece of work.
  10. After reading through DJ's post I'm sure a lot of you have some interesting stories. I really don't have any....unfortunately.
  11. Computer Gurus

    Maybe try re-installing the drivers for the video card? I'm far from an expert in this sort of thing but it's probably what I would try to do. Drivers
  12. I've around 400 VHS I am trying to get rid of...

    Got any good pron?
  13. NSab's Perfect Storm.

    Congrats on the new granddaughter Nsab!
  14. Two more in the family

    Great news! Congrats!
  15. Are You Armed

    I got a 12 gauge for hunting.