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  1. Davis trade.

    I like the deal.The kicker for me is you getting a top tight end in Crumpler and adding Driver as your 3rd receiver is nothing to sneeze at.Dunn is a good RB to boot so you don't lose much depth at RB.Arrington may not live up to the hype anyway.I say go for it.
  2. My Randy Moss for his P. Holmes?

    No!!!!!!!!!Just stick with what you have and ride it out.Priest is losing way too many points to Johnson.
  3. Another team wanting Westy

    I don't like trading top RB's for WR's but in your case it looks like you do need help at WR.I would do it if you think you won't lose too much production at the RB position.
  4. drop bennet for Ron Dayne

    I give Bennett a slight edge as far as getting more snaps.
  5. M. Moore

    I love his talent,but whether or not he plays is another story.If you do pick him up don't be surprised if you only get about 30-40 yards rushing from him.I would look for another option if possible.
  6. RB Simple question

    I like Shipp if he does get the start.
  7. Yet another WDIS? (RB)

    I like Barber and Jackson although I think you could put Parker in and get similiar production.
  8. should i take this trade?

    I like the upgrade in Smith,but Giving up a productive running back this early in the season does not make sense to me.You look fine at WR now and I don't see a huge difference in production with Smith on your team.You have two capable #2 WR's.I am a believer in having running back depth if possible.RB's are gold,there are probably 5 or 6 teams in my 12 man league that are an injury away to a starting RB and BOOM!! season down the toilet.You have awesome RB's right now and Parker is the man,but what if he goes through a slump?Staley gets healthy and starts taking away a good part of that production.I also have Cadillac on my bench,see sig for roster,and all I hear is he is worth a second tier WR.Keep your depth and enjoy your run through the playoffs.
  9. WW Help

    I would definitely go with Blaylock this week if Martin is out.Jets should not miss a beat with him in there.
  10. Send an e-mail to and see what they can do for you.
  11. QB Quandary

    I think Brady will bounce back strong against the Steelers this week.We will see how good the Steelers are against the Pats.They played cupcakes the first two weeks.I would not blame you if you started Bledsoe though.I would think he would be good for about 250 and two TD's against the 49'ers.I like Julius to get 100 and a TD also.I can't wait to start the Cowboys Defense against the 49'ers after that Mondy night meltdown.They should be absolute devil dogs after the tuna gets done with them in practice this week.
  12. More upside?

    I would stay with Benson.All Dayne has to do is fumble once or twice and he will be in Shanny's doghouse,with Bell and Anderson toting the rock.I don't think the Bears would have drafted Benson that high and not plan to use him more and more as the weeks wear on.Remember this guy missed all of camp and is probably just now starting to get his sea legs.
  13. S Davis or K Jones

    I totally agree if you can grab both of them,possibly using one for trade bait.If you can only get one I would lean towards Jones.I think he will get on track.
  14. Not sure if EA sports will accept your stats from the first two weeks but I would check it out.$49.95 for the site is a great price.The site has been totally revamped from last year and I personally think it rocks as do many of the teams in my leauge.If you decide to go that route contact me and I might be able to get you a code that will give you the site for free.
  15. Cadillac for Domanik Davis?

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chucky's in love,yeah,yeah.Do you remember that song?Gruden drafted this guy as his horse and he will continue to get a heavy workload.I owned DD the previous 2 seasons and he was awesome but the Texans look really bad on offense this year.