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  1. Free fantasy football

    EA is offering free fantasy football serivice this season if anyone is interested.This will be my third year running my league with EA and have never had any problems.Customer service is very good as well.
  2. Free fantasy football

    Yeah,playing for nothing sucks but for a place to run a local you cannot beat it.
  3. Mock Drafts

    Just finished one this evening.The site worked perfectly.First mock of the year and I took the 1 slot.Plan on doing several more to work my way up and down the order.Great tool,thanx for the info.
  4. I can hardly wait to see this guy

    As a Packer fan this pick cuts me deep.So we finished a mediocre 8-8 last season for what? The no mans land of the draft at pick 16.The Pack need a big time back and do not have one.One more crappy season and we get our franchise tailback in Peterson.Instead we win a bunch of meaningless games and he goes to the Vikes.
  5. Russell or Quinn?

    I prefer Quinn.Long term he will pay big dividends.
  6. How Did Your Team Do in the Draft

    Packers drafts lately are nothing to get excited about.Not flashy but Thompson seems to find decent players even if they are not well known.
  7. Could this be some good news for Turner owners?

    No,I am saying that offense IMO would not stall with him in there as the starter and using a third down back like Sproles would help in the event LT went down.
  8. Could this be some good news for Turner owners?

    Getting some value for Turner is great but having him as insurance for the upcoming season IMO makes him worth keeping.The Chargers should win the Super Bowl next season.If they do a second round pick right now is not a big deal.If LT went down the Chargers would not miss a beat with Turner in there and possibly Sproles as a change of pace back.
  9. New Charger Uniforms

    Great looking Uni's.Neal looks like a truck in some of those pics from the fashion show.
  10. Broncos on T Henry:

    I swear I just heard this on my son's Disney movie Cars?
  11. Where does McGahee rank now that he is a Raven?

    If he is going to get the majority of the carries then he is definitely top 10 material.With all the RBBC in the league and more teams looking to go this route Willis has to be considered a very low first rounder, high second rounder IMO.
  12. New Charger Uniforms

    I like it.Nothing too drastic IMO.I would like to see it tied together with the new helmets though.
  13. Jamal Lewis to the Browns

    That is impressive,you played defense for the Browns?
  14. Saints retain CB Fred Thomas

    Thomas probably had no option but to take a pay cut.He had a rough time last season and was toasted repeatedly.Probably figured take the cut or take the door out of New Orleans.
  15. ESPN Radio - Dan Patrick SHow

    No way is he worth a first rounder!!!!This idiot flat out quit on his team last year.If he even had a hint of a decent attitude,played hard half the time and produced maybe I could see it.For the money he gets let the Raiders keep him.
  16. Henry signs 5 year deal

    Could be a nice #2 for fantasy teams next season if Shanny lets him have the starring role.
  17. Over paying for Free Agents!

    I agree with this.Best corner in free agency but 10 million a year!!!!!Champ Bailey ought to be getting around 15 million a year if this is the going rate.
  18. If I were the Broncos

    Walker would be a great pick IMO.Hasn't been much fanfare about this kid but I think he will be a fine NFL back.I would be happy to see him go to the Packers.
  19. Antonio Bryant cut

    Hello Dwayne Jarrett.
  20. Tatum Bell the starter for the lions

    IMO he will be the starter at the beginning of the season.I would not be surprised if KJ is sat down until he is more than ready to return and acquiring Bell gives the Lions that luxury.
  21. Randy Moss Trade Talk

    I do not care how much talent he has or had,as a faithful Pack fan I do not want this turd in Green Bay.I will be more than happy with Jennings,Holiday or Ruvell Martin as a #2.As far as I am concerned he should be out of the league and never heard from again.The Packers need to stay on the current path and continue to build with youth and sound free agent signings.I absolutely despise Moss and always have.IMO he would be destructive to an extremely young team in Green Bay.
  22. Samuel franchised?

    I totally agree with this.IMO branch would have been the difference in the Indy game in a positive way unlike Reche Caldwell.
  23. Kiffin and Russell are in for a tough season...

    Yeah the Raiders are bad,very bad but with a solid defense in place this team could go 8-8 in todays NFL.First order of business would be to cut ties with Randy Moss,Jerry Porter and Brooks.The offensive side of the ball is starting from square one and these 3 need to be gone,especially Moss.He may be the biggest loser in NFL history and in no way could he be good for this team unless he gets a brain transplant.
  24. Bush for ...............

    Good move.Bush IMO will be great but will still have roller coaster numbers with Deuce in the picture.You should be solid at RB.Jackson and Turner should be excellent starters for you.Plus you can take Adrian Peterson with the #1 pick and be set.Nice job.You have enough on your roster to make a deal for a better QB as well.
  25. schotty fired

    Wow, nothing like having a 14-2 season and losing your whole coaching staff