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  1. RIP Aqua. You will be missed.

  2. if it is a redraft, i wouldn't think twice about taking lj. they will continue to lean on him heavily and get all they can from him this season. the only concerning thing would be if he holds out ...
  3. Keeping Gore now How bout this ?

    don't know where you are getting your yardage numbers ... alexander is a TD beast and is the best back at this point. he's far removed from his injury and closed last season strong. parker and westbrook are nice RBs, but are not as solid or proven as SA. westbrook is the closest competitor, but i think philly will lighten his load to keep him healthy, potentially with hunt taking the goal line plays. parker lit it up nicely last year, but that may be his peak, and he can be frustratingly inconsistent. with SA you are only a season removed from his 27 TDs and he is still young enough to get it done for at least one more year. a much more solid choice.
  4. Keeping Gore now How bout this ?

    don't think you can pass up alexander here. he can still dominate.
  5. Nick Nolte

    he was just tired, that's all.
  6. Michael Vick

    man, just when i thought i had mr. cliche's secret identity all figured out ...
  7. Dateline NBC

    i was wondering the same thing. there's so many losers that go through there, i can't imagine that it is the first time for all of them. very scary thought.
  8. Any Huddlers with iphones?

    might be of interest ... from yahoo biz news.
  9. bingo. who was i to say no?
  10. you know it brother. i had no idea what was happening.
  11. get this ... one time, my wife asked me to have sex. i'm not chiting you.
  12. chicago huddlers

    this info is hugh you guys. you are helping me shape the entire trip. thanks so much!
  13. chicago huddlers

    thanks dmarc! look forward to getting the data. i'll check out the air & water show on-line.
  14. chicago huddlers

    sounds like a great plan. any hotel recos? willing to spend a bit more since we are driving and this is a special trip. not sure if one is better location wise to catch the train or if it is pretty much everywhere ... thanks!
  15. chicago huddlers

    my son and i are looking to take a trip up to chicago in mid-august to catch the reds-cubs in back to back games. this is kind of a father/son coming of age trip as he enters 7th grade this year and i want to have some dedicated time with him to talk about a whole host of things. anyway, i'm wondering if any chicago based huddlers could recommend where to stay to attend the games and if there is anything else you would recommend we could do while in town (we can stay an extra day to add something in). i will be driving, so we will have a car. your help is appreciated!