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  1. some of those 40+ fouls to 10 fouls sure do make you wonder. anyways, this could kill the league.. especially coming off horrible ratings in the nba finals, even with its biggest star.
  2. Vick Indicted

    yes!! hahaha...
  3. Change user name?

    ok thanks.
  4. Change user name?

    can someone help me change my user name? i need it changed for a rather important reason. thanks.
  5. Lavaar Arrington seriously hurt

    i was just talking about the guys who like to go for an easy ride near their home on sundays and such. of course if you drive like a stunt man you are a liability to yourself. but no matter where you are on a bike, you are at a disadvantage to the other motorists on the road.
  6. Let the rumors begin to fly.

    i hope not.. id puke a little if i saw him in browns colors again.
  7. Lavaar Arrington seriously hurt

    the problem is, like someone else said, the other a$$holes on the road.. teenage girls on the cell phone, soccer moms turning around yelling at their kids, old people, etc... a simple fender bender in a car probably wont even scratch you, on a motorcycle it could very well kill you. but if you want to live free, then do it. some people love those rushes and you just cant help themselves.
  8. Vick is all done

    guys.. did ya hear? mike vick might be in trouble for dog fighting!
  9. NFL DIRECT TICKET gone up again

    probably getting closer to out of market games on ppv.
  10. Vick is all done

    that poindexter guy should be fired immediately. he showed everyone where his priorities were from this case.. he did all he could to drag his feet and defend the hometown hero so he could get reelected by the locals. that just shows me and that he puts himself first and the people he is supposed to be helping second. all of his decisions should be viewed upon as how they will help him first and the people second. what a joke. to top it all off he used the race card.
  11. Vick is all done

    if it was roethlisberger id tell him to rot in hell too. menudo wouldnt defend him either. its sick and disgusting what vick is involved with.
  12. Vick is all done

    your nuts broncos.. he's guilty as hell. its just whether or not this will be an OJ repeat and he gets off. they both can rot in hell for all i care.
  13. i hope pierce takes a late shot on vick and snaps him in half.
  14. Odell.... Odell... Odell..