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  1. Which Defense should I start?

    I like either GB or Indy. I would lean toward Indy though
  2. Championship Game

    Bump Little help Guys
  3. Going for Title.

    I like Caddy
  4. WDIS @ RB A Green vs Min C Taylor @ GB I'm already starting S Alexander, WDIS with him This is for all the marbles. Thanks everyone
  5. RB help!

    I like Taylor Dayne is also splitting time with Lundi.
  6. WDIS @ RB

    C'mon guys this is for all the marbles WDIS C Taylor @ GB A Green vs Min Please help
  7. WDIS @ RB

    Bump for more responses. Thanks for the help
  8. Which QB?

    Romo Better supporting cast
  9. WDIS @ RB

    In the Championship game and need some advise WDIS @ RB. I have S Alexander so I have to start him but who do I start as my #2 C Taylor @ GB A Green vs Min Taylor is listed as probable, but has been banegd up. Green faces the #1 run D. Who would you start Thanks guys
  10. which QB?

    Agreed. I liek Garcia as well
  11. WDIS @ RB

    Thanks Any other thoughts Green vs Det C Taylor vs NYJ Thanks
  12. WDIS at QB

    I think ROmo
  13. WDIS @ RB

    Bump PLease guys a little help.
  14. WDIS @ RB

    WDIS this week as my #2 SA got me 8 poiunts. Not the greatest but i'll take it. Now I need to decide between these two guys A Green vs Det C Taylor vs NYJ It says Taylor is OK but i'm worried about him taking a shot in the ribs and re-agrravating the injury Thoughts??? WDIS
  15. WDIS @ RB

    Hass--check the weather though it may be raining, in whcih case I would go Favre