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  1. Gore?

    According to rotoworld, it's gore's shin, not his ankle and he's undergoing more testing today. i, for one, am worried about the injury. plus, this is the third game this season that gore has gotten hurt and been taken out of the game. all three have been different injuries as well -- head, ribs, and now shin.
  2. Brian Westbrook

    obviously philly's o won't be as good, but westbrook will get the ball even more i would think. the problem w/that is it increases his already high chance of getting injured.
  3. games on the nfl network

    I have the NFL Network through RCN Cable. I was flipping through the channels a few days ago and saw a notice on the bottom of the screen on the NFL Network that b/c of fees charged (by the NFL i assume), my cable company may not be showing some of the thursday games. Yes, I have the NFL Network and I still can't watch the games on it according to this message. Has anyone heard anything about this or understand how this could be the case?
  4. mcgahee

    I haven't heard anything about him recently. I think he broke three ribs which can't be too good for a rb. His team stinks. Is he even coming back this season? If so, when? Sorry, missed the other post on this topic.
  5. Cadillac or Gore? How Bout Some Love?

    I've got the same choice of gore and caddy along with thomas jones. i'm going with caddy and tj based on the matchups. i think gore will be decent even if the 49ers get beaten badly b/c he'll get receiving yards so he's not a huge risk. i just think/hope the others will do better this week.
  6. WDIS

  7. Jennings or Reggie Williams

    I'd go with Jennings as long as Favre is ok. He seems to be more consistent than Williams in that he's on a team that has to pass b/c they have no defense.
  8. better backup RB

  9. They're all really pretty weak options I think. Clayton is definitely number 3. It also depends on when you actually need these guys to play. I guess i'd rather have the #3 wr on Cincy then Minny though.
  10. trade advice

    I'd rather have Gabriel actually. Brown seems like an afterthought when Donte is playing and really just doesn't seem that good. I know Brown has put up good stats, but he doesn't seem to get many targets when Stallworth is playing. If you think Donte is going to be hurt a lot then I'd go w/Brown, but who knows whether he will be or not.
  11. Kita or Smith?

    egad I'd actually start Alex Smith
  12. Please pick 2

    Plax and BERRIAN although really they're all pretty good plays.
  13. WDIS

    RIght now I'm leaning toward Maroney b/c I have a man crush on him and I figure NE will have the ball almost the entire game against Miami thus having many chances to run. However, I'm also thinking that Jones is a lock for 20 carries against Buff and actually is on a better offense at the moment. Caddy is a distant third at this point until he does something impressive like have over 50 yards rushing. I only need to start one of the three as I'm pretty set on Frank Gore as my other starter at rb.
  14. Calling Jets Homers

    Well they do play Miami next week and have an easy schedule this year so you could try to play matchups w/them, but they are not a good defense overall.
  15. Starting bye week players

    It's going to happen to me in week 6 (and weeks 6 & 7 have 6 teams on bye, so it could be a problem in a lot of leagues). I'm in first place right now and am doing really well, so the last thing I want to do is take an intentional 0 in one of my player slots for that week. But that's better than the alternative of dropping a good D, K, or TE and having to dip into the WW pool for a mediocre or worse FA. That's the problem with the small rosters in a league where owners don't make many trades, but I didn't create the problem, so I'll just do what I have to to keep my team intact for as much of the season as possible. A goose egg in one spot for one week is well worth the full-season benefts. [/quote/] This is spot on. Maybe in the past when there were only four teams on bye each week (I think) such a rule could make sense. But this season, week 6 for example has NE, GB, CLE, INDY, JAX, Minn all on bye. On my team at wr right now I start Reggie Brown, Driver, and Holt. My backups are D Bennett and G Jennings. Brown just got hurt tonight. My league has 5 spots for wr. If Brown can't play by week 6 should I have to drop Jennings or Driver just to pick up a player the likes of Peerless Price? I'm already thinking of potential trades, but I can't say that any of them will work out. Of course I don't want to take a 0, but I'd rather have a better team the rest of the season than get four points from a mediocre player for one week.