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  1. Godspeed to the promised land Aqua.

  2. Is this a new fad?

    I'm in my mail truck today when I see this black Ford Crown Victoria. It has the tinted windows(the real dark kind that are illegal even here in Florida), the custom rims that move, etc. I see on the back of the car that it says "police interceptor" telling me the obvious of where this car came from. I notice the dual chrome exhausts just as the light changes and the car pulls away from me. This is when I notice something hanging from the rear of the car where a trailor hitch would be. I catch up the car at the next light and to my absolute surprise I see it. Or should I say them. Hanging from the trailor hitch is a large black under the butt nut hut complete with testicles. I couldn't believe my eyes. I wish I had my digital with me as I would have snapped a pic so you all could see it. Is this a way for the dude to say"I have balls!"? Unreal!
  3. North Carolina Huddlers

    Are you driving back to Florida? When do you leave to come back? I'm off for 2 weeks starting Aug 5th. Maybe you can make a pit stop her in Jax and I can meet up with you somewhere? I plan on going back down to Ginny Springs/Ichetuckne to relax on the spring fed Santa Fe river. Perhaps you and the boys could join me and the SO? Her cousins are real nice people and they know the river well. I had a great time down there a couple weekends ago. Just a thought.
  4. Music obsession.

    I read your previous post about what we all did on the 4th. You replied that you were using your new toy(USB turntable). I am a music lover myself and can get abvsolutely lost in it. I have about 500 LPs and need to invest in one of these toys myself. I read an article last week in the newspaper here in Jax saying alot of stores just can't keep them in stock. They're off the shelves in no time. Any truth to this? I'm going to wait till I get my new PC then I'll be busy for awhile doing what you are doing Sky. What are you gonna do with the LPs when finished? Sell them to collectors?
  5. stung by a wasp

    Baby powder. Then get a cat to lick it with its sandpaper tongue.
  6. Vic Nicknames or Slogans if he plays again

    There are those who believe that Michael was the VICKtim here. Only time and the grand jury will tell.
  7. Vic Nicknames or Slogans if he plays again

    When the feds hand out indictments, there's a very good chance you will be con VICK ted. But then Vick could always throw the authorities a BONE and give up some names which is what I think they want. Then he'd be known as slippery Vick or tricky Vick. Speaking of tricks, how bout on Halloween we just say "Vick or treat".
  8. Help with division names

    I like this one with the exception of Kitna who may actually be a very good QB this year. I'd scratch him and put Kerry Collins in his place.
  9. If Mr. Spock, I mean Big John answered I'm sure it is.
  10. 29

    Thanks for the great game BJ! I love this stuff. Now you only have 943 posts to reach the big 30k(yes, I looked at your profile). I can't wait. Being that I'm not around to view the posts during work hours, I'm sure I'll be around for mop-up duty once again. I can't imagine dreaming these up, but more power to you for doing it.
  11. 29

    By George I think I got it! Thanks for the clue BJ! That did it. 5. Thews40
  12. 29

    That was #23, it's history. We're looking for #5 now. Thanks for the alternate clue BJ. I still doubt I get it but let's see....
  13. Which Huddlers have you met in person ?

    I think I've seen that dude in my neighborhood.
  14. 29

    I give up on #5. Any chance of gettin' a small clue?
  15. 29

    I stand corrected. But let's make it one left again. 23. Avernus
  16. 29

    One left To stongly proclaim Greek letters
  17. 29

    14. Jetsfan I hate leaving things unfinished
  18. Greatest British/UK Rock Band of All Time?

    As much as I wanted to vote for Zep, I simply can't ignore The Beatles and their influence. Ursa was correct in stating that at least 7 of these are better than any American band.
  19. rocket launcher in jersey

    Did you see the lady's name? Maybe her husband is a terrorist and she didn't even know it. Maybe uncle Habib left it there by accident after the weekly Koran reading the night before. Am I racially profiling?
  20. Friday Night Poker

    Was sooo lookin' forward to finally playin' with y'all, but I have to work tomorrow and the heat and humidity down here has been absolutely brutal this week. I'm totally spent so I'm hitting the hay. Maybe tomorrow but I'll probably have to take a nap after work. Another brutally hot day in store Sat.. Have fun!
  21. Greatest American Rock Band

    Yeah, when Bruce belted out "madman's drummers bummers indians in the summer..." he sounded like he just got through drinkin a fifth. I wanna say Manfred Man did another Springsteen song. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the Boss wrote Spirits In The Night also.
  22. Greatest American Rock Band

    Sky is correct. BTO were either partially or totally Canadian. BTO was formed from the Guess Who. Burton Cummings was an awesome vocalist. And Bad Company were British. Paul Rogers came from Free and Mick Ralphs came from Mott The Hoople. This thread could go on forever, but I love it!
  23. 29

    19. Grits and Shins ???
  24. 29

    6. BYoder Congrats on 29k!
  25. Nick Nolte

    Hey Nolte, you want another beer? Oh, do I see a hugh booger in your right nostril? You better get that out dude.