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  1. Godspeed to the promised land Aqua.

  2. Which TE?

    12 team league 1point per 10 yards 1point per reception 6 points per TD This is my second dilemna of the week. I want to stick with my #1 in Witten, but something is telling me that LJ Smith will score this week Thanks a bunch!!!!
  3. Need 3rd WR

    14 team league 1 point per 10 yards 1 point per reception 6 points per TD I know the choices aren't great, but this is a 14 team league Pick one from these 4: S. Moss at Dallas B. Engram vs Atlanta R. Ferguson vs Cleveland M. Booker at NY Jets Thanks for the help!!!!
  4. WDIS?

    This is a scoring heavy league and both have tough matchups. I appreciate all the advice!
  5. Which TE?

    I like both LJ and Wiggins but a slight nod to Wiggins due to the slight injury to McNabb. What sucks is Philly is primed for a SF massacre after the MNF loss to Atlanta. I don't think you can go wrong with either but my choice would be Wiggins.
  6. Ferguson or Houshmandzedah?

    I'd play the waiting game on Ferguson. Green Bay has no offensive line and if they don't do well against Cleveland, it's gonna be a long season for the Cheeseheads. I think the Cincy-Minn game is gonna be high scoring and TJ will see his fair share of the rock.
  7. colbert or reggie williams

    DEFINATELY COLBERT! I'd play the "wait and see" with Reggie Williams. Something tells me the rookie Jones may be of more value, but we'll see.
  8. Trade Dispute!

    Have the Manning(but nothing else) stupid guy e-mail the league and explain how this is what he agreed to. If he's stupid enough to do that, more power to ya! Happy Championship!
  9. Best WR Available

    I'd have to look at one thing before you pick. Out of the WRs and TEs left that you mentioned, who is the QB's favorite target? Mason or Heap? Who knows? Woulld love to see a couple preseason games first but you don't have that luxury. Clark? Not by a longshot. Sure, he'll be used along with Marvin, Wayne, Stokely. Crumpler? Although I'd shy away from drafting 2 TEs relatively early, Crumpler is a sure bet to be Michael Vick's favorite target. Question is can Vick get him touches worthy of a good WR? I'm leaning towards going after Mason or Heap now. The Ravens have upgraded the offense tremendously by adding Mason and drafting Clayton. Plus with Heap and a healthy Lewis, they can be great providing Boller doesn't lay an egg which I don't think he does. It pains me to say that too because I am sure not a Raven's fan. Good luck!
  10. Hi guys(and gals)! I'm back for my second of what I hope will be a lifetime of seasons with The Huddle. Back to defend my titles and give credit to alot of you people 'cause y'all helped me out a bunch! Now on to my question as trivial as it may seem. With the retirement of Freddie Jones, is Kris Mangum worth a crap on draft day as maybe a late round TE possibility? Will Carolina use the TE more now with the depature of Muhammed? Thanks and LET'S GET READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!
  11. Over the years, which announcers

    I liked Summerall back in his prime, especially when he was paired with Madden. Now I think Al Michaels is hands down THE BEST. It would have been interesting to have seen Michaels paired with Summerall in his prime. I don't know who does the Emmy voting but in my opinion, Collinsworth is an idiot. He's a Bengals "homer" and he hates the Steelers. Anyone can see that. Maguire is another idiot who got dropped on his head sometime in the past and has never recovered. Sunday night crew sucks except for one. Hint: he was replaced briefly by a now babbling Summerall.
  12. Clean Sweep

    I did the best I have ever done in my entire life this year. First year Huddler. Coincidence? Not! Thanks to all the great advice I won all 3 of my FF leagues, including the most elusive title in my 11 year TD only league. I'm ecstatic! I'll definately be back here next year(and probably throughout the offseason) to try and defend my titles. Thanks Huddlers!
  13. Thank you Huddlers!

    Congrats dude!!! It's always nice when people give a little thanks. I would have given thanks even if I didn't win, but that didn't happen.
  14. Clean Sweep

    You know, I get on here to give credit to some of these guys who bust their asses giving great advice and I get this ***. Take Hugh's advice and hit the Hershey Highway Cher! We don't need jackoffs like you around here anyway! Thanks again all! And thanks for putting this jerk in his place!
  15. Week #17 strikes again

    I agree with TS 100%! I think Manning stays in long enough to throw TD #50 but does it go to Wayne? Who knows. To be safe I'd go with Clayton and Mason. Like TS said, they should play the whole game at least.
  16. Help Pick a sleeper QB

    I don't really think you can go wrong with either one. Good Luck!
  17. WR Help for FFL Super Bowl

    You have to play the hottest WR in the NFL in Muhammed, especially against a weak N. O. defense and a playoff spot on the line. The other 4 are tough decisions but I'd actually go with Kennison against SD as my #2. SD is strong against the run, but the pass defense is questionable. Plus the fact that SD may start resting some starters. Plus the fact that T. Green is one of the hottest QBs in the league right now. Your #3 is a VERY tough decision. I don't trust playing Wayne in this situation as who knows how long he's in the starting lineup. I think Manning throws his 50th TD then who knows? That leaves Galloway and Holt. Even though the Jets have a pretty good D, I'd lean towards Holt here. Arizona plays pretty good pass D, especially at home. St. Louis is playing for their lives and will be airing it out often. So my 3 choices would be: 1) Muhammed 2) Kennison 3) Holt Good Luck!
  18. Help Pick a sleeper QB

    For the week, I rank the top 3 in this order: 1) Ramsey vs Minn. (Minn. D sucks) 2) Kitna @ Philly(Philly will be playing 3rd stringers eventually) 3) Holcombe @ Houston (Houston D has been awesome lately) The rest are pretty much garbage. In fact, I don't really like Holcombe either.
  19. Who to start LT or Droughns?

    I have LT, Droughns, and D. Davis in my 3rd league. I'm going with DD and Droughns. LT might get his record breaking TD early, then it's off to the bench. Droughns plays the whole game.
  20. WR WDIS?

    Even though I've already clinched the title in my TD only league(no playoffs), other teams are counting on me to take out one of the money contenders. My once dominating WR corps is down to this: J. Walker(probably not playing more than 1 series) N. Burleson @ Wash C. Chambers@ Balt. D. Branch vs SF E. Parker(picked him up after dumping T.O.) vs KC I need to pick 2 from that nightmare. I preach about not giving up at the end of a season. Now it's time to practice what I preach. First place is mine already. Thank God I didn't have to count on this week for 1st place.
  21. WR WDIS?

    Thanks Darin! I was pretty sold on Burleson, but Parker had me a little worried due to Brees maybe sitting. At least I don't have to worry that much!
  22. Bench LT for Suggs?

    I do it in a heartbeat. Suggs is your man this week!
  23. Wayne or Lelie

    There you have it. Sounds pretty unanimous to me for Lelie. Hopefully, your opponent sticks with Harrison only to get the shaft. Good Luck!
  24. Which WR to start Wayne, Moulds or DJAX?

    Djax and Moulds. At least both will play the whole game(barring injury).
  25. Tough Week 17 Championship Decisions

    I agree with Darin's choices. In fact, they're no-brainers imo. The only tough choice was choosing which Bucs WR to use. Clayton's been the man since Griese became the QB. Good luck!