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  1. DVD question

    Did you get HD (Blu Ray) discs?
  2. Sticky wedding/legal situation..

    Good info here.
  3. Who is off today ?

    May have a half day.
  4. I'm trying to decide...

    You make her sound like a drinking buddy more than a GF. Compatible?!? "We're so compatible, baby. Will you marry me?"
  5. David Carr signs with Carolina

    I think this is largely a name signing that tends to scare us in fantasy football land. The whole Carolina offense was off last year, not just Delhomme. Jake's still the guy to have there IMO.
  6. Calling all Excel nerds....

    +1 and me too while you're at it.
  7. Male firefighter in a bikini - drunk driving in the park.

    Figures. Picture so funny its worth two posts though.
  8. Way to throw out the first pitch...

    That's our Mayor of Cincinnati, Mark Mallory.
  9. Kiper's first round mock...

    2001: Arguably the best draft class for the Bengals in 10 years. 1 Justin Smith (4) 2 Chad Johnson (36) 4 Rudi Johnson (100) 7 TJ HOushmandzadeh (204) Interesting that top 10 of Kiper's only had 4 impact players (Crediting Vick, Smith, LT, and Deuce here). I guess most of those guys played, but jeesh some real jokers in there.
  10. the supreme court rules ...

    Greenhouse gases trapping heat isn't just based on correlations. The Chemistry/Physics of the effect is known. We know that the atmosphere acts like a blanket, or else we would all be as cold as space! Well at least when not facing the sun. You challenge the notion that our contribution is the tipping point, and that's valid. Its not 100% decisive, no. You're absolutely right. Even the IPCC, much maligned by the anti-Global Warming crowd admitted that much. They pegged the probability at 90%. But so what? What if its only 10%? We can do something about our CO2 contribution. Decreasing that contribution, is at worst, a form of insurance environmentally. I pay fire insurance for a house fire that I hope will never happen. I think we should be doing the equivalent for CO2. Besides, pursuing non-carbon energy sources has other very useful benefits even if our contribution is not driving Global Warming. The health of our populace and energy independence are good reasons no matter which side of the GW debate you come down on.
  11. 2007 Mystery Huddler #3

  12. the supreme court rules ...

    Well you're getting to the heart of basic data analysis there. Correlations don't prove causality. Just because two things are related does not mean one causes the other. There may be one or more stresses to the climate driving both phenomena. The case for temperature causing increased CO2 is clearly a good one. Melting permafrost - worldwide increased decomposition of plant material being the main reason. Side note: I'm unaware of studies saying the ocean releases CO2. Actually, I've read the opposite. The oceans are becoming more acidic as it absorbs CO2 lowering Ph. But that's neither here nor there really. The argument for CO2 as a cause for warming is based on the Greenhouse effect. The trapping of heat in the air - CO2 as a blanket. What's nice these days is that the debate has turned to the cause/s. Its probably a matter of percentage of contribution from a number of sources. Anyway, I think you're all getting a bit too caught up in the question of who or what is most responsible for warming. Can we do anything about it? Should we do anything about it? These are the more interesting questions at this point IMO. I come down on the side of yes to both. Cutting carbon emissions and movement towards clean/renewable energy sources are worthy goals not just environmentally (at worst I look at it as insurance), but also for national interests regarding foreign energy dependence. The humans as Earth's custodians has some appeal as well.
  13. 2007 Mystery Huddler #3

    Wait, wait, Jaxfactor is a ghey? BTW: Most anti-climactic MH ever.
  14. the supreme court rules ...

    Actually, BB, the irony here is that the problem with your argument is the same problem that the uber-environmentalist, Al Gore has: Attributing all the cause of global warming to one set of factors, while completely discounting others.
  15. I Hurt My Shoulder

    Spain, I was working out pretty heavily before I had shoulder surgery too - about 5 years ago when I was 29. Here's sort of what to expect based on my experience. It may be outpatient surgery, but it still sucks. You won't feel up to doing much of anything for 10 days to two weeks at least. You may have a pump (about the size and shape of an oil filter), that feeds painkillers straight into your shoulder for the first 3 days. Your whole arm may feel numb or even "asleep" - which is very weird. You'll be in a sling for four to six weeks. This is the worst time if the surgery is on your dominant arm like mine was. You have to do everything with your other hand. Jokes aside, it sounds minor, but brushing your teeth, fixing meals, typing will all take two to three times as long. Its a real pain. My Physical Therapy started two weeks after surgery, and lasted 12 weeks. Stretching exercises at first, followed by lots of rubber band workouts. After that, I began very light workouts and continued with the stretching and strength building exercises I learned at PT. The shoulder probably will feel weak for 6 months. To get back to your pre-injury strength and the point where you really trust that shoulder again takes a year. Occasionally (maybe 3-4 times a year), my shoulder gets an ache that reminds me of the surgery - especially when the weather changes dramatically. Hopefully you won't have to go that route, but I know what its like to live with that kind of pain. I think I waited 6 months or so before going under the knife. Its worth it in the long run.
  16. Women can't drive

    Does anyone have an opinion on whether Hat should see a Chiropractor for that neck? That sucks. Good luck.
  17. Jeff George

    Wow, you know its the offseason when a Jeff George thread stays on page one for three days.
  18. the supreme court rules ...

    I see. Allow me to rephrase. Its all Armageddon anyway, so whatever is good enough for the Chinese and Indians is good enough for you.
  19. the supreme court rules ...

    So, whatever is good enough for the Chinese is good enough for you.
  20. the supreme court rules ...

    Human beings are incapable of affecting our world environment. Its all such utter bullshushy. Nitrogen Oxide causing acid rain, CFCs causing Ozone Layer depletion, radioactivity leaking into and poisoning our groundwater, its all propaganda made up by academic tree hugging intellectual liberal media types.

    Finally caught the season finale. Left me empty inside. I have no idea what they are doing anymore. The 4 could be Cylons, or could have been F'd with on New Caprica. Sci-Fi is imfamous for these kind of cliffhanging endings where it seems like someone dies, or some other dramatic thing happens, but its all good with episode one of the new season. Bah, who knows. Overall, this season left a lot to be desired. The whole thing feels rushed and rudderless.
  22. Jeff George

    In a related story Ricky Waters was signed by the Seahawks to backup Alexander.
  23. Mother offers her 7 year old up for the unthinkable

    As some of you may recall I used to work with some of Chicago's worst case adolescent sex offenders. All those kids had this or more done to them at one time or another. Mothers selling their kids for drugs is more common than you may think. The moms will be in the next room getting high while the kids scream for help. Or worse, the moms will participate.
  24. Saving a word document as a jpeg or similar file.

    Edit: been said.