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  1. What Housing Bubble?

    They must have had a Realtor. My local township area was +3-5% the last two years and stagnant to falling this year.
  2. Pacman Jones in Trouble Again

    And it matches his prison jumpsuit. Now that's planning ahead.
  3. HDTV question

    That sounds a little funny to me.. you may want to double check. If figured every HD box had an HDMI output in this day and age . Time Warner has had that option for quite a while (at least Spring 06 when I started looking).
  4. circuit city combo menu

    Yeah, its not a bad deal, but I think they are starting at the MSRP and then calling for "big savings". For example, I think the TV is about 1400 at most stores I've seen lately. I doubt the surround system is more than 3-400 normally. Those home theater in a box things are not expensive. IMO, they can sound good to a non-audiophile ear (like mine ). My main point is, don't get caught up thinking you're saving 30%. You only might be saving 100 bucks. Price those elements individually around a few places and be sure to test them out to see if you like them before buying.
  5. HDTV question

    AFAIK, if you have cable service, that should not be happening - HD box or no HD box.
  6. Kevin Jones

    Sometimes a player just falls because of unknowns. He's a high risk, high reward player, and that scares a lot of drafters. Right now, I might take the chance somewhere around the 7th round in redrafts.
  7. Snake in the ...

    I believe that was a Corn Snake. They are brown to orange and have a diamondback-like pattern but no rattle and a normal head.
  8. Cuttin Tree Limbs

  9. Michael Vick's Property Raided again

    Hes the most exciting ...
  10. Fanatsy Practice Squads

    That's a good point. In my dynasty league, we've run into that problem (22 man roster, no developmental squad). The WW had very little talent, so the below average teams couldn't take advantage of it. We tried to correct that this year by having all teams cut down to 16 before the annual draft with rookies, and will have a 20 man roster going forward this year. I think our efforts had some success, but not as much as some of us hoped. The cut players tended to be aged vets or the developmental-types that a dynasty league should encourage. We'll have to let our experiment ride for this year, but I think I'll propose a new system similar to those above for next year.
  11. Does anybody hate......

    Ha, that remindes me, I just had a hell of a time trying to get AOL and Real Player off my SO's comp. I'm not 100% sure if I got all of AOL, but I don't see anything in the startup.. Actually Real Player wasn't bad, it was AOL that sucked. I also found out she had the option checked to download but not install XP updates, so she had never actually installed a single update since she got the comp two-three years ago. Never paid attention to the icon on her taskbar... LOL, had some cheapo bundle version of Mcafee running along with the Dell and AOL "security" suites. LMAO. Got rid of and/or turned all that crap off. Installed Zone Alarm ISS and found 20-something viruses, and over 100 spyware/adware. Adaware SE found another 60 spyware. Spybot another 50 or so.
  12. Hope Springs Eternal

    Yeah, but 8-8 gets you in the playoffs in the NFCrappy. They could win 10 yet!
  13. Kid sucked into drainage pipe in wading pool

    Yeah, wading pools come in all sort of depths and sizes. It may have only been a few inches to a foot deep... I used to life guard back in college. In addition to the large normal pool with lap lanes, deep end, etc., there were two secondary pools - one was 2 or 3 inches deep and only for babies/toddlers under their country club MILF's supervision - the other about two feet deep for the under 10 crowd. The new wave of wading pools sort of adds a water park aspect - has a depth of a few inches but lots of fountains and small objects to climb on or slide down and such. I wouldn't be surprised if the accident occured in something like this one. You have to have really high pressure to work all the fountains and such. The kiddie pool pump I described above would barely suck down a leaf.
  14. Kid sucked into drainage pipe in wading pool

    Most pools have a drain at the bottom that recirculates water to the pump for filtration & distribution of chemicals. Its not like a bathtub drain.
  15. Drano :

    Drano can tarnish/remove the plated finish of some drain fixtures. Extended use could make it so bad that you have to replace it.
  16. Transformers!

    Transformers: Robots in disguise!
  17. Transformers!

    Macross? I might have to get me some of that.
  18. Al Gore's kid busted

    Yeah, the really shocking thing here is that a Prius can go 100.
  19. Live Free or Die Hard

    Couple things that were great about DH 1 was that nobody really expected Bruce Willis to be an effective action hero kind of guy since he was pretty much fresh out of Moonlighting, so that was fun. Plus you had a terrific villain - Hans Gruber - played by Alan Rickman - who practically stole the show (did the same when he played the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood).
  20. Live Free or Die Hard

    Was Seminoles even born when DH 1 came out?
  21. I gotta ask...

    dang that would piss me off too
  22. I need Huddler help

    Tacks on a Chair Yeah, that's not real, but I'm sure it is motivational.
  23. Remember those Brits?

    What happened to the days when we enslaved the uncivilized Brit hoards and had them build roads for the glory of Rome?
  24. QB Rankings: Why Is Michael Vick So High?

    He is the #1 most exciting player in the league...
  25. Garbage disposals.

    First of all, I assume you know the allen wrench is more like a six-sided head for a screwdriver than what we normally think of as a wrench. They usually come as a set of small to large size "L" shaped heads on a key ring, but they also come as a set of screwdriver bits. Anyway, all you do is rotate the wrench inside the hole back and forth a couple times - you should hear some gears moving inside the unit. This clears the obstruction. Try running the disposal again. If it works, great, if not, repeat above and see if you can pull the obstruction out of the disposal (make sure its off - duh!). Might turn the breaker off at your electric box for added precaution.