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  1. I gotta ask...

    1. OK with self-checkout for small orders, not for large. 2. Prefer to bag myself. Especially at local place where I know it saves 5-10% over the other store. 3. Hate customer loyalty card with a passion, but have my parent's number memorized just in case. LOL.
  2. Tipping at a restaurant question

    Curbside pickup? Dumbest thing ever. Its like delivery, but you do the delivering. Hell, you should tip yourself.
  3. US behind in Internet speed

    If we can't download porn at a terabyte per second, the terrorist win.
  4. Garbage disposals.

    Yep, I keep an allen wrench in the utensil drawer for that purpose. Although I haven't needed it since installing the new disposal. I had to get a new disposal when the thing rusted from the inside out and my dishwasher waste ended up all over the kitchen floor. That was fun.
  5. Garbage disposals.

    Got a Kenmore 1/2 hp about a year ago for around $120 and installed it myself. Wasn't too bad really - about 2 hours to do it with no experience. Don't forget to buy plumber's putty when you get the disposal.
  6. Pans Labyrinth

    Dudes, the movie is rated R.
  7. Ahh, thanks. I was beside myself with no Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Westerns in there. +!
  8. FF Magazine

    Looks like the usual rouges gallery is out. I buy the Fantasy Sport and Pro Football Weekly editions. Great vacation reading IMO.
  9. china overtakes u.s.

    I'm not sure if you were trying to be funny, but there's no question that Wal Mart is a hugh contributer to China's growth.
  10. Is it rude to?...

    I never pay cash for gas at a gas station. I try not to go in at all unless I want a pop or something. I wouldn't care about what you did personally. Its no big deal.
  11. Headed to Amsterdam, Netherlands...

    Anne Fank museum is very well done. Rijksmuseum (look for Rembrandt's hugh "The Night Watch") is better than Van Gough Museum IMO, but I'm not much of a Van Gough fan. And if you do partake, don't bother buying much. You'll can rock and roll on 3 tokes.
  12. salary cap in professional sports

    Yeah, nobody is going to take that bet, but everyone has a chance to win.
  13. salary cap in professional sports

    This is complete and total nonsense. St. Louis, Chicago, Boston... those are small market teams? Baloney! The facts: From 1995 on, only one team in the bottom half of total payrolls won the World Series. The 2003 Marlins were a nice feel good story, but they were the exception, not the rule.
  14. salary cap in professional sports

    MLB lost me at the last strike. The competitive imbalance, the same tired storyline every year - Yankees vs. Red Sox , half the league feels like a separate minor league since 95% of the good players leave for the better paying markets - that's what keeps me away.
  15. DA in Duke Case Isnt the Lone Culprit

    Ooooooo. That there is a wiegie .
  16. I ask, I beg...

  17. I ask, I beg...

    Ah, the latest absurdity from our public schools. Wonderful.
  18. It's Great to see The Bengals Learning to Behave

    Hey, look, if driving drunk, beatin on my hoe, smoking Josh Gordon, providing liquor to underage girls, waving guns at cops, and actin da fool in public is wrong, I don't want to be right!
  19. Soaking Cork

  20. Same Old Cheap Cardinals

    Wow, now that's cheap.
  21. Chris Brown narrows choices

    The really whacked out thing here is that Chris Brown had a choice and it wasn't burgers vs. fried chicken.
  22. Interesting in the battle of high-def DVD formats:
  23. Vacation plans finalized but...

    Dude, this will get you there. Uber-bonding for Unta.
  24. Blockbuster to rent Sony's Blu-Ray exclusively

    I blame Monica Lewinski.