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  1. Any cable experts here?

    Never had that problem. When I had a picture problem, my cable company sent me a new box through the mail/UPS so I didn't have to wait for a tech and take off work. Took a couple days to get the new box. ETA: Have you tried running the sound through a receiver instead of the TV to see if it does the same thing?
  2. Monday Trivia

  3. Benadryl

    Claritin doesn't work too well for me, but I'm allergic to all life on the planet.
  4. LeCharles Bentley

    Where do they have Steinbach working on the line?
  5. A funny thought

    Leeeeeeeroy Jeenkiiiiiins
  6. Delta Airlines

    Delta and Air France are hugh partners. I've booked Delta but flown on Air France twice to Europe. No better or worse than any other airline for service IMO.
  7. I Need A Good

    Running Back
  8. The perfect thread

    Worst thread ever.
  9. Steelers Passing Game

    Honestly, Menudo, your man-love for a team with a QB like Peyton Manning or Tom Brady is getting out of hand.
  10. Vick is all done

    He's the most exciting player in the league.
  11. new gardening question....sort of

    bb gun
  12. Legislation

    I think it should be a 40% tax until I get there, and then 0%.
  13. Odell.... Odell... Odell..

    Dude, you can't stay out of trouble? I mean honestly. as reported on channel 9
  14. Odell.... Odell... Odell..

    Well, it certainly would make sense if there was a payoff. Anyway, this stuff doesn't happen unless Odell is at a late night party, so he is still a maron. Sounds to me like he was celebrating being "off the hook", and found himself back on the hook. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if he F'd up again sometime this summer.
  15. Can you younger old timers point me in the right direction?

    The real question is how big a party are you throwing to congratulate her 9th grade graduation?
  16. The politicization of the Huddle

    Open for business.
  17. Is FireFox Buggy?

    no problems here
  18. Help Me Tear Up My Backyard!

    Dude, 5 cubic yards is nothing. I thought you were going to put in a whole new raised planting bed or something. I just spread that amount into a 700 sq ft patch (~ 3 inches deep) in my back yard last weekend with a spade shovel and a gravel rake. With new seed and everything, it only took about 2.5 hours. I was covering up an old sand box / playset area, so didn't work the soil into the sand. At most, you need to rent a tiller and forget about the rocks unless they prevent the tiller from working.
  19. Help Me Tear Up My Backyard!

    Just get a heckuva tiller over a weekend and work in the new stuff. The topsoil you have delivered will probably have small rocks in it as well.
  20. gardening question

    Just spray round up on the leaves then if its only a shrubbery. Ni!
  21. gardening question

    Herbicide is a serious offense.
  22. Do you remember?

  23. Opinions on "The Shins"

    Is this code for a Skins support rally?
  24. 8th grade "graduation?"

    Yeah, we had a graduation. We all went to a different school since it was only K-8, so it was important in that we had a couple parties and a ceremony. In the end it was just a "wow, we'll never see each other again, so lets make out and squeeze naughty parts for a while" good time.
  25. Billy Martin, eat your heart out

    You play to be ejected from the game.