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  1. How does your league deal with questionable trades

    Option #3 but a trade has to be challenged. Each owner gets one and only one challenge per year. If anyone starts whining, you ask if they want to use their challenge. Then you see how serious they are. I think lots of times people just want to complain.
  2. Pitt or Jax

    Here we go again....
  3. Interesting fact about shuffling cards

  4. Famous epitaphs

    He's dead, Jim.
  5. #2

    that's hugh
  6. GQ has "Article" about Jessica Alba

    Would someone please feed that poor anorexic thirteen year old girl.
  7. The Loch Ness Monster returns

    OMG! Its the real deal. CNN Here's some footage from the BBC: BBC video First link is guy who took the video.
  8. Schaub vs Carr

    Nice segment
  9. Rosie O'Fat....never to be heard from again.

    Welcome back.
  10. Keep Your Fork

    I prefer to keep the knife so that I can be sure St. Peter is properly motivated to let me in.
  11. Rosie O'Fat....never to be heard from again.

    Looks fake to me.
  12. DT Sam Adams?

    As part of a rotation, he could be effective, but he's not anything close to what he was. Cincy, of the holey defense cut him, so...
  13. I just....

    I bet you go a good deal on that package! Congratulations on the mawwage.
  14. New computer time

    Funny, the lady and I were discussing going wireless the other day. She has compact Dell desktop without expansion card slots. Any recommendations for a USB-interface NIC to pair with the Buffalo router?
  15. If It Has a Museum, It Must Be Real...

    Right, because there is so much physical evidence for the dino-egg in the ark theory. And by bringing aboard all animals, one male and one female, God meant "except for the ones that will make for uncomfortably absurd metal gymnastics for my followers".
  16. If It Has a Museum, It Must Be Real...

    LOL @ at the kid pointing.
  17. I started straight out of undergrad in a Children's Behavioral Health Center in Chicago. I worked with wards of the state who were sex offenders, invariably had been sexually & physically abused and had all sorts of additional DSM labels. Very violent place.... I thought about getting an advanced degree after about 2 years or pursuing med school. I dragged my feet and procrastinated on that front (which was unlike me) and didn't understand why until it just dawned on me that my heart wasn't in it. A bit of a moment personally. Perhaps starting out with the worst of the worst may not have been the best thing, but anyway, I'm much happier away from the mental health field.
  18. Picture of the Joker in "The Dark Knight"

    Katie has gone so far over the deep end, I don't think I want to see her on screen again. Does McAdams have the acting chops to carry this role? I only know her from Wedding Crashers which was very vanilla as far as her role went IMO.
  19. 2007 Offensive Rookie of the Year

    Did you want him to hold Vince Young's jock?
  20. Trees growing over property lines

  21. 2007 Offensive Rookie of the Year

    I guess I'm the only one so far who thinks it will be Russell.