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  1. Goin' down in a blaze of glory. Shocked I say.
  2. Carrie Underwood is phenomenally hot

    Do you swallow?
  3. Heroes season finale

    Now this is the best theory I've heard yet. They didn't show us the kensei's face.
  4. Carrie Underwood is phenomenally hot

    No doubt about it.
  5. Hot Water Heater Question

    I looked into these two years ago, and this is what I found out. Gas HWH will last longer than electric. They warranty them for 8 to 15 years IIRC nowadays. So, yours is just reaching the end of its life cycle, but will probably go for much longer. I would let it go until it breaks and then replace it. Its unlikely that your tub would go this early, but the overflow and pressure relief valves could leak over time. Its not likely to be a flood when you're away, but a slow drip that develops with time so you can catch it. PS: you do have at least one carbon monoxide detector with working batteries in the house right?
  6. Chris Henry fails drug test

    Dude, was there an orange-blooded fan in the city that honestly thought the report was bogus? Not one of us would be surprised if this report was true, or if a new incident occurs sometime in the future.
  7. Norwood up to 210 lbs.

    Allrighty then.
  8. Norwood up to 210 lbs.

    True regarding sample size, but its the best comparison I can find specificly looking at RBs who play with the most exciting player in the game. Sorry for the confusion, all yards are total rush and receive. Since the idea was that RBs would be better without Vick, it seemed most appropriate to look at the total performance of all RB yards and TDs since Dunn & Duckett were a RBBC where Dunn got most of the yards while Duckett vultured many TDs. The game vs. the Saints, WD rushing yards were 52 and receiving were 86. So, if you want to only look at rushing yards, his were actually much worse that game. Vs. NEP, he had an 83 rush /23 rec split. My main point there was that Dunn simply did on his own what he and Duckett would have done together.
  9. Norwood up to 210 lbs.

    You know, this makes some sense, but I went back to games that Schaub started - one each - in 2004 and 2005 to test the hypothesis. I only looked at games Schaub started since the game plan would presumably take into account the differences between Vick and Schaub. They played with Vick the other 15 games. 2004 Total stats Dunn 1400/ 9 (16 games) Duckett 524/8 (13 games) Approx. 120 total yards, 1 TD per game avg. combined 2004 game vs. Saints Dunn 138 yards, 1 TD Duckett DNP 2005 Total stats Dunn 1636/4 (16 games) Duckett 443/8 (14 games) Approx. 130 yards, .75 TD per game combined 2005 vs. NEP Dunn 106 yards, no TD Duckett 30 yards, no TD The results indicate a very average performance - slightly higher vs. a weak Saints rush D, and slightly lower vs. a strong NE rush D. Looking at Vick's stats, I think its more accurate to say that Vick's rushing yards make up for his lack of passing yards, and combined with above info, don't really take away from the RBs since they pretty much had the same numbers with him as without him.
  10. Norwood up to 210 lbs.

    Sure, for dynasty/keeper leagues. I feel very good about holding him in OUTRAGED right now for only a 10th round pick.
  11. Norwood up to 210 lbs.

    Why do you say that? If Vick leaves, I don't know that it upgrades the ATL RBs with Harrington throwing. Neither QB can pass, but at least Vick can run away to move the chains. I like Norwood quite a bit as well regardless. A good #3/flex RB, but his upside is limited by Dunn. Even though Dunn's not getting any younger, he still put up 1300/5 totals last year. I'm sure the coaching staff is concerned about WD's ypc, so JN will get more work, but still. I fear the bandwagon is filling up one year too early.
  12. Heroes season finale

    That would be cool, but remember that Mr. Nakamura stated that he was surprised that Hiro had ascended/had power. If he met him in the past, he would have known his son had power. I hope this is where Hiro really learns swordplay instead of that 15 minutes in a loft.
  13. Bomb plot thwarted at Falwell funeral

    But this shouldn't be funny. Oh well.
  14. More Than Meets the Eye

    I have low expectations. The whole flying/flipping tanks and cars everywhere thing got old somewhere around The Hulk.
  15. Huddle Mock #1

    I just don't have the feeling for Bush that high. Its still a RBBC and the Saints caught a bit of lightning in a bottle last year IMO.
  16. Chris Henry fails drug test

    The latest from the Cincinnati Enquirer: - 24 games. Yeah, like anyone would ever come back after two seasons off.
  17. Did it feel good? The H of R just bent you over.

    Me neither. Wal Mart buys a full container/truck load of product. Mom&Pop buy a skid load. Buying in quantity and working on lower margins than specialty shops are why they give consumers the lower price. Suppliers can choose to work with them or not. You don't like 60 day terms or making as much margin as you do with other stores? OK turn that deal down. But Wal-Mart's sales are bigger than Target, Sears/Kmart, and a few others combined. You can have five times the sales at Wal Mart as you do for Kmart.
  18. Heroes season finale

    Right. Sylar is the Boogey Man. We don't really know for sure who is worse than Sylar or if we've met him yet. Since instead of showing Sylar's body, we see a blood trail leading to the sewer, you can guarantee that Sylar will be back in some form. Lindermann is dead. The brain is the center for the powers, and much of his was removed in DL's fist. This seems like a permanent death (like Sylar cutting up brains) as compared to Peter and Claire having a item stuck in their head.
  19. Did it feel good? The H of R just bent you over.

  20. Heroes season finale

    He at the least got stabbed through a lung. I don't know how they justify him still being around - unless someone dragged him down that manhole and heals him.
  21. Passing Gas

    My fiance and I have great fun pulling each other's finger. Seriously.
  22. Heroes season finale

    You must have missed a couple minutes in the future episode. They blamed Sylar, but it was revealed that Peter actually did the exploding, and he was still alive. Releasing energy is how Ted worked. He was always releasing energy in his hands in early episodes - they showed Sylar doing the same thing last episode. Peter just hadn't figured out how to control the power that way. Nathan and Peter fly off to a spec in the sky and a few seconds later, we see a flash. In a Sci-Fi/ Fantasy series, you don't know anything unless they show it too you.
  23. SI Reporting Vick involved with Dog Fighting

    I've been posting very regularly that "He's the most exciting player in the league". Does that count, you know, in a horseshoes kind of way?
  24. Heroes season finale

    I continue to find the Peter vs. Sylar battles to be weak. Jeebus, Peter has every other character come in to take a shot while he stands around helplessly choking. And what's up with the Cockroach at the end? Does Sylar become sewer-dwelling bug man? I fear next season will not be nearly as good as I hoped.