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  1. Heroes season finale

    Peter and Nathan aren't dead. Hypothesis for bringing the Petrelli boys back next season: Nathan played the role of shuttle rocket booster lifting Peter high in the sky, before flying away to a safe distance so Peter could explode. Ted wasn't hurt by his powers in the Bennet-family hostage episode where the house blew up (Vicky just beat me to this point) , so Peter won't be hurt by his explosion. After he explodes, he'll be free to fly - or even if he's knocked out, he will heal after crash landing back to Earth.
  2. Heroes Season Finale

    He shoots, he scores.
  3. McNabb Trade Rumor/Theory

    LOL. Not sure who wins here, or even who would want to win.
  4. McNabb Trade Rumor/Theory

    100% Grade-A offseason BS
  5. Heroes Season Finale

    Prediction: I think they will only wrap up the does-New-York-blow-up-or-not? question. Is Peter alive or dead? will be the cliffhanger.
  6. Chris Henry fails drug test

    They always come in threes... I've lost all patience with my team.
  7. Chris Henry fails drug test

    To use a scientific term, he just ain't right in the head. Lights are on but nobody is home.
  8. SI Reporting Vick involved with Dog Fighting

    I dunno, did you check the kiosk at the dog fights?
  9. Maxim Top 100

    Big fan of Ali Larter. I first saw her in the remake of House on Haunted Hill. I started watching that dumb movie while in a Famke Jansen phase, but was rooting for Larter by the end. Hubba hubba.
  10. what is the most accurate way to describe 4 days?

    Dude, you got good stuff today. Great sig.
  11. Thursday's Discussion

  12. Thursday's Discussion

    I would say the human brain is better at making excuses than understanding.
  13. Frank Gore

    Well, I hope you're right, since that would be sweet for me in OUTRAGED, but LT is the man above all other men. I'd put Gore solidly in group 1B with a half dozen others after LT who is alone at 1A.
  14. Torry Holt - not a top 10 WR this year

    Even ball-control offenses can have a #1 WR who produces at a high level. It matters more for the #2-3. I wouldn't touch Bennett or Bruce with a 10 ft pole for anything other than a bye week filler hoping to get 40-50 yards.
  15. What book are you currently reading?

    Ender's Game is probably a top 5 sci-fi/fantasy book for me, but the last 3 books were not great. Speaker and Xenocide as a set up to Children of the Mind, which was good, were just too freaking long. I think I only read them because I read Ender's Shadow series in between and really enjoyed it.
  16. Domestic Squabble

    I understand the side of a person who works weekends. I used to do it, and it totally blows. That said, they're her kids too and she can take a mid-morning nap if she so chooses while the house is empty. She's being selfish IMO.
  17. Anyone here fly to London?

    Check out They sometimes beat the better known US websites - the travelocities, expedias, etc. But not always. Its a UK site, so remember to convert pounds to dollars.
  18. Proper way to celebrate Memorial Day

    Protest the iraq conflict, spit on soldiers and call them baby killers! But wait there's more! Then I find their significant lonely heart others and impregnate them. Write a letter to our soldier overseas, telling them their girl cheated. Haha. And then, I find their parents, leave a brown paper bag of flaming poo on their doorstep with graffiti writing on the porch - Nancy Pelosi says hello. Hoho. By now, the Bingo hall is just about to let out, so I go find their grandparent's car, slice all four tires in the Buick. Hehe. Oh, how I love Memorial Day.
  19. What book are you currently reading?

    I think Paolini wrote a decent Eragon, but Eldest was much better IMO. And yes, the movie was gawd-awful.
  20. PCs and Monitors

    This is very true. I recently went from a 21" CRT to a 22" widescreen LCD (nearly the same total screen area). That CRT was like a space heater. Anyway, I always put my monitor and comp to sleep, but rarely shut down.
  21. Yeah, you really can't compare the claimed contrast ratios between brands. There is no standard. If I might add to what Kid said... When you go to access the TV's menu, find the factory reset option. That should be somewhere in the picture setup section or main menu. Hit that first before turning the contrast down. You never know what shmoe has been in playing with other settings before you got there. This little exercise also gives you a chance to judge ease of the on-screen menus and remote. Those kind of details could be a tie-breaker if you're stuck between choices.
  22. Heroes

    True, however, in that episode, she did not get a good look at his face as it was shadowed. Sylar never got close enough to her to finish the job because Parkman came around the corner shooting.
  23. What book are you currently reading?

    That's because it is better. The whole DaVinci Code thing still makes me go .
  24. Gas Grill

    I do if I remember which is only 25% of the time. When the thing was new ~ 2 years ago, I remembered 99% of the time. I don't notice any loss of propane from leaving it on however.