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  1. Braves on ESPN

    I've never understood that either. shrug
  2. Disc Golf

    I've got about a dozen discs in my car's trunk. Vary in price from 8 to 15 bucks. I usually only take 2 out though. My long range driver, Cheetah, and a mid-range/approach, Stratus. By the way, with what drivers have you all had the best results? I've tried the Leopard, Valkyrie, Eagle, and Cheetah. The only one I seem to do well with is the Cheetah which I can consistantly throw @300-330 feet. Assuming I don't hit any trees... wall_bas I didn't realize how many disc golf courses were in Cincy. Go to, there's a ton of 'em. Healthy league play too.
  3. Disc Golf

    I love disc golf. However, I haven't been to any courses outside of Cincinnati, and there's only 3 here that I know of. Nothing worth traveling for. wink I've heard the game is big in the Northwestern states.
  4. Mystery Huddler #8 - Presented by Bank One

    I didn't guess Polk either since I was thrown by the black thing. However, that fella certainly fits the 252 pound description he gave of himself over in the tailgate.
  5. Mystery Huddler #8 - Presented by Bank One

    Man, I just don't know. I'm too scared to look at the picture again. I think the suprise on his face is the realization that he just cut off one side of his goatee. I'll guess loaf. :P
  6. Stickey Posts?

    I've seen them done on other boards. Certain topics with good information, groundrules for noobs, etc. are permanently at the top of page 1. No need to bump... I wonder if the Huddle's message board can do the same. Specifically, the WDIS instruction thread over on the fantasy advice page would make a great Stickey.
  7. Washington by 7, week 12.