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  1. Suisam is 5/13 on FG's 50+ yards in his career, and kicking at heinz field doesn't help. The Steelers have lost tons of close games this year, which can be attributed to many things - including Tomlin. Tomlin getting loyalty? Any team's loyalty goes as far as to support someone who puts his team in the best position to win. In the superbowl against the Packers, the playoff game against Denver last year, and for the majority of this season, he has simply not put the Steelers in the best position to win football games.



    Yes, it's easy to know all that now. So sad you don't give him credit for the times he made good decisions. It's outrageous really.

  2. I understand feeling this way after being dominated on your home field against the vastly superior Bengal squad, but honestly, it wasn't Tomlin throwing those INTs and giving up sacks left and right. You would think someone with his track record could get a little loyalty from the fan base, but that the Steele Curtain for ya. Hang your head in shame.

  3. I thought they taught cops to kill someone if they are forced to shoot....not wing/wound them. They have to use stopping power because, if they are using their weapon, they are facing a life/death situation. Pretty sure cops should never shoot for the knees.



    In Terminator 2, Schwartzenager learned to only shoot cops in the knees. Are you saying cops aren't smarter than a cyborg? Because I think you are, and that's a shame. A real shame.

  4. I thought this was a really solid start to season 3...though this series always seems to do premires/finales well. It's all the talking in the middle...



    +1 They lost me for a while mid-season of S1. But I DVR'd some episodes on a marathon and came back with the help of the FF button.

  5. Is snoring the typical sign of sleep apnea? Or would just waking up tired constantly be a sign?



    Snoring + tired makes it a possibility. Of course there are a number of other medical reasons one could feel tired though. If you stop turning late night tricks at the bus station, that might help.

  6. Due to my dairy allergy, I've tried a number of non-dairy ice creams. The rice-based ice cream is lousy. Soy not much better. Almond milk based is passable to OK. Ain't nuthin' like the real thing, baby. I miss Graters brand (was exclusive to Cincinnati area but went national a while back). Black Raspberry chocolate chip was amazing.

  7. And throw away the key....


    BELLEFONTE, Pa. — Jerry Sandusky, a former Penn State assistant football coach, was sentenced Tuesday morning to 30 to 60 years in prison for sexually abusing boys, crimes that roiled the university community and shook one of major college football’s most prominent programs.


    The ruling was handed down in Centre County Court by Judge John Cleland, and it essentially guaranteed that Sandusky, 68, would die in prison. The sentencing came roughly three and a half months after a jury found him guilty of 45 counts of child sexual abuse.