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  1. Dateline NBC

    Like Unta, having worked with adolescent sex offenders, I've been interested in this show. I agree with Billay that NBC is in it for themselves. Every single media outlet is in it for ratings and profits. Someone at CBS criticizing NBC for selfishness is the pot and kettle. I'm not OK with the way all media outlets sensationalize their news. Its specifically designed to make the consumer afraid or entertained. TCAP has both - fear for our own loved ones and entertained at watching some bad guy "get what's coming to them" in a sting operation. Perhaps having the experience with similar individuals makes me not care. It is an important message, because a young life is significantly scarred - essentially for life when molested. A statistic was thrown around by some of the higher learned people I worked with that a predator will willingly ofend a dozen or more times before they are caught - on average. I worked with some children as young as 8 who had offended at least a few times. Some teens, at least 10 times. So, I can only imagine what an adult has done. I know that despite our sincere best efforts in a long-term residential treatment center, most of the young predators I worked with will willingly ofend again. I knew many who did before I left. Some who fled the treatment center, some with their fellow residents. It was partially this sad realization that made me abandon that line of work. In the balance, IMO, we're better off as a society getting this message out to families and hopefully adding a level of deterrent to free predators - even if we have some reservations about the way NBC is delivering that message.
  2. Vick Indicted

    Good for you, Big Score.
  3. Greatest American Rock Band

    Grunge, Alternative, whatever. Yep, its mostly the evolution of punk. Its all the angry alienation counterculture thing.
  4. Dateline NBC

    She had a nice long talk with her. Then, as her big brother, I had a nice long talk with her. Nothing more. She got it.
  5. Vick Indicted

    I have no interest in anything Smith has to say. He's always obnoxious.
  6. Dateline NBC

    Yes, they do, AG. My sister, when she was 14 or so, was going to meet someone in their late 20s if my mom hadn't overheard her talking about it with a couple friends. She was going to meet someone she met after school at the local mall parking lot. That was just before the internet became popular, so I'm sure a predator could meet one even younger if they play their cards right.
  7. Greatest American Rock Band

    I've railed against this statement for years now. I was 18 and enjoying a lot of bands without names like Great White Poison Snake. Also, ironically, MTV, was all about Nirvana starting with Nevermind in 1991. Perhaps you just needed to change the channel.
  8. Vick Indicted

    With the turmoil that will surround Vick if he takes field, your team will be on the road to 5-11 or worse. No player will want to deal with the 100s of reporters for each new city each week answering one Vick question after another. It will be a distraction. In fact distraction is an understatement. After a training camp of media circus and 17 weeks more to come, not to mention a trail most likely in the middle to end of the season, there is no way a team can function with its #1 player under such scrutiny. Players will resent Vick. They may say all the right things, but they'll be pissed privately. The atmosphere in Atlanta will be unbearable. Look at Philly in 2005 with Owens. From a business standpoint, if Blank really wants to give his team a chance to succeed, its better if Vick takes one for the team and stays home. It has nothing to do with guilt or innocence. Its a football business decision that has to be made. Its the only way to shelter the other players and partially diffuse the situation.
  9. Vick Indicted

    I read it that way at first as well, but I think the letter was from Simmons, Sharpton and PETA to Goodell, Blank and Corporate sponsors.
  10. Disaster waiting to happen

    Meh, you did the right thing. You can't solve all the world's problems when you have big one's of your own.
  11. Vick Indicted

    Yeah, I do feel bad for Atlanta fans. This has all the makings of a disastrous losing season for the Falcons. The Falcons need to distance themselves from this immediately IMO. There has to be a way to suspend Vick with pay or some such so that he is not at camp or playing until the issue is resolved. This will be a hugh distraction for the players.
  12. Vick Indicted

    He's the most exciting player in the league.
  13. Legal issue w/ the sale of my home

    Similar boat there. My large Maple Tree in the front yard, which was very attractive to me when I bought the place, has invasive roots like a motherSUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS !!!er. I've been able to manage the problem in my sewer with a couple roto-rooter jobs and most recently, Root-X foaming root-killer. The Root-X seems to be a real winner so far.
  14. $12.5 million to store FEMA ice?

    A Note from the desk of H8Tank to the USA: Next time the ocean swallows one of your cities, F U, you're on your own.
  15. Great Parenting!

  16. Real American Genius

    Cincy Enquirer Serves him right.
  17. The advantage to the new owners in this situation should be first crack at rookie RBs, so there is a bit of compensation. Grabbing Peterson and Lynch this year ain't so bad in a keeper league. In one of my leagues, the best solution we came up with was no raiding of current teams, a quick supplemental draft like above, and allowing the new owners to pay half price for the first year (with full internet website fees) . Payouts were proportionally lowered to account for the lower pool that year only.
  18. $12.5 million to store FEMA ice?

    Putting down the relief efforts for one of the worst natural disasters in our country's history is definitely pathetic.
  19. Should I be concerned about this?

    It is now clear to me that Bush should invade Washington.
  20. 75-year-old gets world's speediest broadband connection

    I might finally be able to download all the pron from the internets.
  21. Fantasy Football Magazines Rated

    Good one! I don't like the Athlon version much either.
  22. Fantasy Football Magazines Rated

    Comparing their predictions to actual results from last year would really be an indicator. Otherwise, its just some guy's opinion.
  23. dow 14000

    Fear? That's the other guy's problem.
  24. Two more in the family

    Well done.
  25. Thurman And the Sam Adams era comes to a close. He wasn't nearly what he was 5 years ago. More of a name now than anything.