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  1. Cats cut Key

    Chilly was on KFAN AM show today and was asked about the Purple making a play for him. Couldn't tell much from the exchange, other than he didn't seem that interested. Seems like a very logical type receiver to take to help out a young QB with a bunch of new kid receivers around, but I dunno. He may not have much left, and his attitude certainly is not the best. I guess Chilly is happy enough having the new high jumper on board who has never once been punched in the mouth...
  2. Moss to Pack Done Deal?

    Also disagree with the offensive pick by the Vikes in the first, unless it would be Peterson, who would be worth a shot. Landry would be a great addition, an impact defender to add (Doss is a one year contract) who can learn from Sharper, which would solidify the defense, making one side of the ball pretty darn good. Then, with 2 of the next 4 picks, select from the good depth at wide receiver in this draft, or possibly a QB or RB. They are close to having a very good defense, which is big in their division. If Gaines should happen to fall, that would be a nice pick for them too...helping a non-existent pass rush. Just my opinion. Landry is an all pro for years to come.
  3. Moss to Pack Done Deal?

    Yeah, Moss has always allowed people to kick him in the ass and get his head out. That stopped about after the second TD bomb in his career, and he stopped letting Cris Carter tell him what to do. Injury free? Sub 4.3 speed? That's a load of crap, from an agent/aging player who is looking for some "straight cash, homey." Bring him on to Green Bay. The only sad thing about him playing the Vikings twice a year would be that he would never run over the middle, allowing Laron Landry to lay his arse out... Remember his last rejuvenation, going to the Raiders? He's older, slower, and his body will take even less pounding than before. Moss is done, IMO. Go ahead any buy in if you like...I remember the excitement back in the day. I'll be surprised if the Pack does it, but it won't bother me much if they do. He might put forth the effort in Viking games, but that would be about it. Farve and Moss is the answer at this point to getting back to a Super Bowl? Good luck with that.
  4. I've Got A Sickness

    I plan to both watch most of the draft and work out in my yard in beautiful sunny 70 degree weather all day. Tivo makes this possible...can watch for awhile, go out for awhile, come back and zip past commercials and any Merrill Hoge commentary. I plan on having around three six packs on ice before 10 AM out in the garage...wife is going to be gone most of the day, and the stepson has taken a real interest in pro football. The only possible change to this is if I decide to get up a little early and play a round of golf pre-draft. Tough call, but one I like to have to make. Cheers to all, and enjoy the big day(s).
  5. Packers After LJ?

    Please, God, say it ain't so...lose my man on one hand and have him go to my 2nd team's arch rival? I have to qualify all of that before I get bashed again for pretending to be something or other...
  6. Randy Moss

    The first line in your post was just addressed. As for the second part, no, I am not at all afraid to see Green Bay "roll" into town. Especially if Koren Robinson is driving...the Pack would miss the exit and end up in North Dakota...
  7. Randy Moss

    For the life of me, I don't understand what all the consternation is about me having LJ as an avatar and posting about the Vikings. I guess from now on I will change my avatar to represent the team I am posting on in all threads... I explained this once to you, John, guess I'll do it again. I grew up in Missouri, started out a Chiefs fan, and still consider them "my team." I moved to Minnesota a few years ago, and have adopted the Vikings due to living here and being plugged in to them so closely. So, I'm a Chiefs fan first, Vikings fan second. At this point, I know a lot more about the Vikings than I do the Chiefs, as I get all the local info. Sorry to take up space on this topic, which I consider pretty silly. Just answering critics, who have taken this on as some kind of serious offense, I guess.
  8. Randy Moss

    From a "slow down and watch the car wreck" perspective, I hope Moss goes to Green Bay, to see the side show of the Vikes/Pack games. The additional bonus as a Vikes fan would be that the Packers would also be stuck with Moss for the remaining 15 games. Yeah, Moss would love hanging out in Green Bay...
  9. Fear the Vikings WR Corps(e)

    What was your favorite Travis Taylor moment?
  10. Jamie Dukes' mock draft

    Would like the Vikes CB selection, I think. With a physically talented impact CB in place, safety Williams, linebacker Greenway & DE James all returning, the team would be very strong on defense, or at least much improved. With questions at right offensive line, receiver and QB, I just think shoring up the defense puts them in the best position to make the playoffs this season. Not saying they will, just saying I think it's a sensible pick. Should be able to get a good WR and O-lineman in round 2 and lower.
  11. Jax RBBC may be growing next year?

    3- back offense. Jaguars have wishbones?
  12. Vikings Speculation

    I'm also not sold on Brady Quinn, although he has the athletic tools for the job, and had a great mentor as a head coach. Familiar with the team, as the Irish starting TE came from our home town, and had good things to say. But Quinn's inability to win from behind, considering his "schooling" is something to consider with an investment in cash and draft position one year after making such a move to get Jackson. I dunno.
  13. Vikings Speculation

    If you feel the need to call BS, then by all means do it. Not sure why the need to label my concern, which I mentioned I had hoped to not be the case, but if it makes you feel better, great. I have seen and heard Childress's comments as a coach. Both of them, for crying out loud. I would agree that they probably felt like he could talk the talk. In the Childress regime, talking the talk essentially means "I don't want to get into that right now, Paul." I think the kid can probably handle that. But to hear Jackson speak about running the team...what I heard last year causes me pause. I like the kid, what I know of him, and I think he has a good looking upside. Just looking at the big picture while we are entertaining all angles of improving this team.
  14. Vikings Speculation

    My problem with Jackson is probably going to open up a can of worms, but I have to mention it. I don't see how this kid will be able to command any real sense of confidence, unless he is really, really good. To hear him speak and try to communicate his thoughts is excruciating. This is not a racist is a communication thing. I felt that way about Tice as a coach, I feel that way about Bush as a President, and have felt that way about others. I put too much credence in how a person communicates when they are in charge of motivating people - and that is what a QB has to do. Admittedly, if he can merely call a play in the huddle, and react under pressure, that may be enough. I sincerely hope it is...I love what I see in some ways with him, he is an athletic specimen to be sure. Throws a good ball. And seems to be a genuinely good guy so far. I'm sure his communication skills will improve with time, but they will really have to.
  15. I can see good reasons for picking many of the players and positions mentioned in this thread. There are so many question marks with this team - how can you be sold on anything at this point? I would love to see Fitz come here, but Walters is a confirmed BS tosser - for many years now. Don't see that happening. I think, gun to my head, that I would like to most see a dominant offensive lineman for the right side - if there is a Top 10 talent out there. I think there is only one, right? And he should be gone. They have what is generally considered probably good injured players coming back at DE (James), LB (Greenway) and DB (Johnson). That is essentially three top tier picks immediately in the mix. I think Childress will do whatever he thinks will give him the best chance to win and not get fired, basically. Now what he thinks is a winning strategy, and what really is one, is another real question. I think he will try to sign a veteran QB who would give fans a glimmer of hope - Carr, Plummer, Garcia, et al, and stick to his guy Jackson for the future. As a fan, I could probably hang with that. I think Chester Taylor proved enough for most to be a top RB, and should be more prepared to carry a load this season, if the blocking is there and they have a competent QB throwing an occasional completion. Hopefully Tony Richardson will be around for the full season, which would help more. The receivers are not good, but it would be a tough sell to me to pick another wideout with a top pick (Is there a Mr. Millen in the house?), especially with it being such a deep draft in that area. I would love to see the team somehow defend the pass better, which probably starts with a good pass rush - from the outside, or from better pressure schemes. I guess Leslie Frazier knows the Tampa Two well, and comes from the creative school of blitzing immediately after leaving the team bus. I loved the way they stuffed the run, and if they can upgrade the pass defense (whatever it takes to make that happen), I think they will be in most games if they stay reasonably healthy. Isn't that always the case? Sorry for my ramble. I am puzzled by this scenario, but not demoralized. I honestly think they are not too far off of being a very good football team.