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  1. I have to put in my Line up by Tomorrow evening so I will not be able to get any Sunday morning news. I also have Desmond Clark. Should I play Clark or Crumpler? Second League - Winslow or Witten?
  2. Need to Prepare for the post season

    I was advised by another person to drop Jordan , keep Leaon Washington and forget about White..
  3. Performance scoring - Start 1QB, 3RBs, 3WRs, 1TE and 1K QBs - McNabb RBs - Stephen Jackson, Thomas Jones, Fred Tayor, Reuben Droughns, Laurence Maroney, Lamont Jordan, Leon Washington and Jerious Norwood WRs - Holt, Steve Smith, Colston, Moss and Edwards TEs - Crumpler I plan to make the following waiver moves this wek' 1. Drop Edwards - Pick Up Chris Henry or Bryant if Henry is unavailable 2. Drop Norwood - Pick Up D. Clark or O. Daniels if Clark is unavailable 3. Drop Leon Washington - Pick Up Favre or Kitna if Favre Unavailable 4. Here's the real questionable move. Drop Jordan - Pick Up Lendale White I don't see playing Jordan. He has been way too unreliable this year. White should start seeing increased carries and maybe even be starting by weeks 15 and 16. I am trying to set up my team for the playoffs. I need a second QB and TE. What do you think? Thanks Tony
  4. I Think I like the first one better. They both look good especially since Bell reaggrivated is turf toe injury. Good Luck
  5. I have two decisions to make this week. Who do you like? Leon Washington or Lamont Joirdon Reggie Williams or Javon Walker
  6. Performance league. Start two RBs and 2 WRs. My only other RBs are Alexander and Larry Johnson. My receivers are Lloyd, Battle, Ferguson, Curtis and Evans. I think I should drop Deuce and Arnaz Battle and pick up two RBs. I will try to get Smith but I think someone else will pick him up ahead of me. Here are my other choices as I see it. They are in the order that I ranked them. I just heard the Saints picked up Jesse Chatman. Do you think he will also be added to the RBBC. 1) Michael Bennett 2) Stecker 3) Lamar Gordon 4) Patrick Pass 5) Dominic Rhodes 6) Alvin Pearman 7) Jarret Payton Please let me know if you agree.
  7. I like Bryant number 1 and Jenkins number2.
  8. WR Pickup Help

    I have Javon Walker, Eddie kennison and Eric Moulds. I have to replace Walker and I am thinking of replacing Moulds. We play 2 WRs in performance league. Number of receptions don't count. Which one or two would be my best bet. Lloyd Booker Michael Jenkins Ferguson Frisman Jackson Thanks
  9. Crisis Hotline!

    Here are my choices. Rank them please. 1. Marty Booker 2. Brandon Lloyd 3. Michael Jenkins 4. Robert Ferguson 5. Kevin Curtis 6. Koren Robinson
  10. Crayton did look good. I think Price will be better with Glenn in the lineup. What do you think the chances are of Glenn making through the season without an injury? I think it is slim. If Anderson is out this week Dayne will play. At the very least he will get the goal line carries.
  11. Frisman Jackson

    I have ruled Jackson out as a replacement for Walker. I am considering Booker, Jenkins, Lloyd and even Koren Robinson. It is a tuff decision. I also may replace Moiulds with one of these guys.
  12. I don.t have good wide receivers as it is. My only two other receivers are Eddie kennison and Eric Moulds. I have two questions. 1. Should I drop Eric Moulds for one of the WRs listed below? 2. Who do you think are the top 3 to 5 WRs listed below. I have to start two wide receivers each week. 1. Brandon Lloyd 2. Micheal Jenkins 3. Kevin Curtis 4. Robert Ferguson 5. Marty Booker 6. Tyrone Calico 7. Boby Engram 8. David Patten 9. Mike Williams 10. Arnaz battles 11. Peerless price 12. Koren Robinson 13. Braylon Edwards 14. Patrick Crayton 15. Sammie Parker 16. Mark Clayton 17. Mark bradley Thanks for your help Tony.