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  1. Kevin Jones

    Status update, sort of.
  2. Benglas depth chart

    Check out the little guy in the big suit.
  3. Scorsese, Shamalan, Spielberg, Mel Brooks

    Shamalayan's inclusion on this list is somewhat baffling. Like comparing Jim Brown, Eric Dickerson, Barry Sanders, and Stephen Davis. That said: my favorites: Brooks: Young Frankenstein Spielberg: Minority Report Scorsese: After Hours
  4. Happy Birthday!

    A lot of trckers born today, eh?
  5. -9.136922363729734648431064732769x10-59
  6. Barry Bonds

    Barry Bonds is one of the greatest players ever pre-1997, he's the greatest ever if you factor in post-1997. I don't think he's a likable guy, but he's going to break the record. It should be celebrated.
  7. Greatest American Rock Band

    Wrapped up like a little buddy, yo.
  8. Best foreign rock band.

    This is true. Wow Swerski, we can agree on something. When what'shisfudge moved to LA about 10-12 years ago, it turned into a veyr heavily influenced Prince/R&B inspired version of BritPop that is fantastic live if you ever get the chance to see it.
  9. Best foreign rock band.

    I'm just saying that the cultural impact of the Beatles was in part a response to larger issues going on at the time.
  10. Best foreign rock band.

    So their explosion into the mass consciousness three months after JFK was assassinated was a coincidence?
  11. Raiders LBs

    Raiders pre-camp LB synopsis
  12. Patriots LBs

    Patriots pre-camp LB synopsis
  13. Best foreign rock band.

  14. If you were Arthur Blank

    Realistically, if I was Arthur Blank, I'd see about some kind of resolution involving Vick taking some time out to address his legal situation, or getting him off the team on a permanent basis (provided the financial element isn't too strong). Enlisting Goddell and the NFLPA to assist might be the right way to go about it as well to make sure it's all above the board. Reading the indictment, the kinds of abuse Vick is charged with is far worse than anything Pacman. Chris Henry, or Tank Johnson have been accused of and ranks a notch below Rae Carruth and OJ as far as I'm concerned.