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  1. WDIS @ RB?

    I would go with Lundy.
  2. Have last minute questions?

    You're absolutely right - can't argue with the Ricky Ricardo reference. I'm starting TBell with confidence - but it did help that my 4 year old son agreed with you. Luckily, I'm already in the playoffs and this game is meaningless to me, so peace be with you.
  3. Have last minute questions?

    If you happen to own the Bells you would know that for the past two week Tatum was suppose to start and Shanahan made him inactive right before the game thus giving us a nice goose egg. Now if you did a little more research than flipping a coin in your head you might know this. With Cutler QB'ing, it's obvious Seattle will be daring him to throw by stacking up against the run. Even if TBell goes off for three scores today, in no way is he a good play for anyone that has another option.
  4. Colston is inactive today. Foster doesn't play until tomorrow and that's a gametime decision... choose someone else if your lineup has to be in today.
  5. My Match Up

    You should be fine as long as you can convince him it's in his best interest to bench Brees, Smith, Cooly, and Johnson.
  6. Stupid to Sit Stud?

    I like Lee Evans (technically, he has had only one good game all year though) but there is no way I'd play him over Roy Williams.
  7. WDIS?

    I'll 3rd that. Miami has been playing inspired football lately.
  8. Have last minute questions?

    Tatum - not a chance. Thanks for the insight though.
  9. Have last minute questions?

    OK - loaded up on RBs for the playoff run because my originals started dropping like flies... now I'm confused. RB scoring is simple - 6Pts TD, 1Pt for every 20 yards rushing/receiving - with small bonuses for touches on rushing attempts and receptions. Mcgahee @ home vs SanDiego - tough matchup but I watched him ride my pines last week with his best day of the year (probably a fluke) KJones @ New England - another tough matchup and he's still nursing a sprained ankle Lundy @ Oakland - one of the better matchups but gets yanked at the first sign of sucking Fargas @ home vs Houston - No other option for Oakland and a good matchup B Jacobs @ home vs Dallas - won't get many touches but when he does it's by the endzone One of the Bells @ home vs Seattle - this situation has bent me over three consecutive weeks The question is which two? Thanks.
  10. Trade advice....

    In the short run the Lions will be passing more until KJ gets his ankle healthy... if this helps...
  11. I know no one knows but .....

    I need him too (can see my depleted RBs in my sig)... if you have ANY other option I'd take it. I have to start one of the Bell's myself so... and to think the last time I had to pick Mike got deactivated right before the game for disiplinary reasons.
  12. Donte Stallworth

    I think at this point in the year, any owner worth their salt will know the issues surrounding both Bulger and Stallworth - or at the very least you'd get interest from someone who didn't know anything and only sees that Stallworth has had three good games all year... you could package the two but probably will only garner a second tier QB in the offering - which you already have in Bulger.
  13. Have last minute questions?

    Just get one... Driver @ home vs banged up Patriots Boldin @ home vs Detroit Stallworth @ home vs Titans Scoring - 6pts TD, 1/20th per yard, .25 per reception I'm strongly leaning towards Stallworth.
  14. I've waited all week to ask...

    I agree - but just comparing SA with Lundy - Lundy has only started 4 games... only scored 2 TDs (the entire houston amount BTW), usually doesn't muster more than 15-20 attempts per game when they are winning... I'd just take 15 attemtps from SA before 15 attempts from Lundy - and I have to start Lundy this week.
  15. Trade Advice

    Does Jacobs ever see the light of day in your starting lineup? Bennett isn't really an upgrade... just another option.