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  1. Best draft pick of the year

    I just happened to be on ESPN before my 17th pick came around, and it was repoted that Barlow was sent to the Jets. I drafted Gore, then made a comment that he'll be big for me this year. Never knew that he would be that big. I'm not in a BS league, these guys have been playing for years. Coming into the '06 season, everyone thought that SF would be pure crap. Turned out that everyone was wrong, at least with Gore.
  2. Best draft pick of the year

    My son drafted Gore in the 11th round. He won his league with SJAX and Gore at RB, beating the owner of LT.
  3. Now that the FF season is done, who was your best or most surprising draft pick? I picked Frank Gore in the 17th round and Barber III in the 21st round. (I was in a league that drafted defensive players.)
  4. hope you listen to me

    Yes he is. I started him over Barber at the last minute. Even if Barber has a good game tomorrow, I'm very pleased with what Dayne did today.
  5. Dayne or Barber III

    I put Dayne in at the last second before the games this morning. Two first half td's....not bad!!!!
  6. Dayne vs Indy Barber vs Phi Who's a better start here this morning?

    My bad, I'd still go with Plex and Holt

    Hands down, Holt and Plex... doesn't look like Horn will even play.
  9. Andra Davis

    Same question that I have. Right now, I'm still playing him over Vilma.
  10. Kitna or McNair

    I have the same two QB's since McNabb was injured. The last 5 weeks Kitna has put up negative points. McNair hasn't put up any MVP numbers, but at least I'm getting points from him. I realize that Kitna is going up against a suck defense, but he's still throwing way to many int's and getting sacked to much. Right now, I have McNair as my starter. If you're in a league that you get negative points for int's and sacks, I'm not sure if Kitna should be played....EVER!!!! Someone give me a good reason to play Kitna this week... Please.
  11. Winfield, Hamlin and S. Jones

    I played Hamlin last night and he had a decent game. Now I need to decide between Winfield and Jones. Who's the better play here?
  12. WDIS!?!

    I'd actually go with Wilson over Taylor and Meriman.
  13. Hackett vs The Weather

    I have the exact same issue. I was going to start Hackett until I heard how bad the weather is getting. I'm benching him for R. Brown who I'm starting with Holt and Boldin. Good luck!!!
  14. The weather and FRANK GORE!

    There's no way I'm benching Gore tonight. Hopefully he'll have some sticky stuff on his gloves so he won't fumble.