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  1. So now that the regular season has come to an end, who do you think the top 5 picks will/should be for next season? Here's my picks: LT Alexander Manning C-Pep Preist or Green
  2. Just wanted to thanks everyone for the advice this year. I won the championship last week, and you all were a big help to me. This is the best fantasy football site that I have found. From the begining of the season until the very last game, it's helps me one way or another. Next year, I look forward to posting questions, helping others, and having a great time with FF once again. Happy New Year to all!!!!
  3. Thank you Huddlers!

    YES IT IS!!!!! very addictive
  4. I was in two different ff leagues this year. One with prize money and trophies for the top 3 teams, the other had nothing for the winners. The league that didn't do a cash prize was with so friends and others. If they don't offer anything again next year, I'm going to pass on playing in it. If that's the case, next season I would like to get into a league that offers a decent reward and a trophy. I don't have any problems at all about paying to get into a league; I just need to find out a good one to get into. If you could let me know the league, entry fee, the reward(s), and if you would recommend joining it next year, I would appreciate it.
  5. Don't want to get Volekized again, so who should I start today? Volek vs. Det Green @ San Diego
  6. I'm in the championship this coming week despite getting a -2 from Volek. I know it's very early in the week to ask, but I'm going the throw it out there anyway. Who to start at QB this week? Volek vs. Det Green @ SD The guy I'm playing has Gonzo, so playing Green would offset his numbers.
  7. If Alexander wants to be the rushing leader for the he'll need to play no matter what St. Louis does earlier. Since he's in his contract year, it would be best for him to play and try to keep the rushing lead. IMO~
  8. I started Volek over Green and chalked up a -2 points from him. Luckily I also had Alexander, Clayton and Fitzgerald in yesterday and all three blew it up for me. I'm on my way to the championship this coming week. Need to decide on who to go with this week Volek or Green.
  9. We win 193-163 despite playing Volek.

    I didn't win the championship tonight, but did win playing Volek over Green this week. Volek gave me a whopping -2 pts. However, I still won this week by 18 and now I'm playing in the championship next week. Congrats on you winning season, hopefully I'll follow you next week.
  10. Holt or Clayton

    I would usally go with Holt here, but the Rams are playing a good Phi D, and TB is looking to make the playoffs. So, I'll ask the question of who to go with here? Holt vs. Phi or Clayton vs. Car
  11. WDIS - Need to choose 2.

    Hope you decided to go with Burleson today. He's doing great for me. :-). I have Holt and Clayton and need to start one of them as well. Phili has a tough D, so I'm thinking of playing Clayton over Holt. Good thing I played Burleson today, I hope you did as well.
  12. just heard Pollard may not play

    I dropped Pollard and picked up Clark. Clark has been known to be the go to TE at home anyway. Good luck!
  13. Need to start one at my flex position. Fitzgerald @ Sea Hushmandzadeh vs. NYG McCardell @ Indy (might still be hurting)
  14. Brady or B. Volek for SB

    I also have the same sort of issue with Volek and Green. The advise I got was to play Green, since they're playing Oakland this week. They might rest Brady in the second half. Something to consider.
  15. Wash or Ari

    Was @ Dal Ari @ Sea Who's the better play this week?
  16. WDIS? Super Bowl!

    Because of the matchups, I'd go K.Jones and J.Smith. Good luck!
  17. Clayton, Gonzalez, Burleson?

    I'm playing Clayton and Burleson in one league and Clayton in my other league. However I don't have Gonzo in either. KC should do really well against Oakland, and Gonzo should be a big part of it. I wouldn't feel good starting two TE's, but we are talking about the best two this year. I'd give the slight edge to Gonzo.
  18. Volek or Green

    I know that Volek is one of the hottest QB's in the league right now, but Green is going up against that same D that Volek dropped 496 yards and 5 TD's (1 rushing) on last week. So, who do I play this week?
  19. Need some WR help

    With TO out now, I need to have someone else fill in for him. My only strong starter this week is Joe Horn I need two other WR and one more at my flex. I have Clayton, Roy Williams, McCardell and Colbert. I could pick up Randel-El as a FA right now. Fitzgerld is on the waiver wire until tomorrow so I would have to wait on him. Clayton vs. Car Williams vs. Chi McCardell @ Indy Colbert at TB Randel-El vs. Bal Right now I'm 7th on the waiver wire list to pickup someone when they come off of waivers. I could take a chance and wait on Fitzgerld in hopes to get him as a FA tomorrow morning, or try and put in for hiim now and hopefully get him at my 7th spot. Most of the people in front of me on the waiver list are not playing for the championship now. So, what three WR's doing I play with Horn? What do I do about Fitzgerld? Thanks~
  20. Need some WR help

    thanks luke
  21. Need some WR help

  22. What a great time for T.O. to get hurt.... anyway I need to start someone in his place. My starters are Horn and Clayton. I need one more receiver and another receiver at my flex position. Here's who I have: Roy Williams vs. Chi McCardell @ Indy (Might be injured) Colbert @ TB Here's who's on the wire: Hakim vs. Chi Randel-El @NYG No bonus points for a reception, and there isn't any decent RB's that I could at the flex position. All advice will be much appreciated!!!
  23. In need of major receiver help

    R.W. and who else?