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  1. In need of major receiver help

    Fitzgerald was just added to the waiver wire, but I would need to wait on him until he became a FA.
  2. Defense help!

    I have Arizona as my defensive team, but I could pickup Carolina on the wire. Arizona vs. Stl Carolina @ Atlanta Who should I go with?
  3. Defense help!

  4. Defense help!

    anyone else???
  5. Defense help!

    What about Jacksonville or SD then? Jacksonville @ GB (in the snow and wind) SD @ Cl
  6. Burleson or Rudi Flex

    I have both of them as well. Right now, I'm playing Burleson at my flex and benching Rudi this week.
  7. Rudy or Holt

    Need some help on who to start at the flex position. Rudi is going up against a tough D in NE Holt is not playing all that well on the road, it's at Carolina and Bulger is out. Who to start??
  8. Hines Ward Vs. Clayton this week?

    I have Clayton and I'm starting him, but if I had Ward I would start him over Clayton this week. I don't feel that TB will be throwing the ball all to much.
  9. Who starts...who sits?

    I would start Pittman or Mason. I don't think Rudi and Holt will have good games. Johnson could be in for a big day as well.
  10. Brooks or Hasselback

    I'd play Hass. DJax could be in for a good game. His father has cancer and he has flown home to see him, but should be back in time for the game. That could motivate him to come up big, resulting in Hass having a big game. Hass has hurt me in games this year, but I'm still going with him this week. Good luck!!
  11. Brown or Pittman

    I have Pittman and Brown as well. I'm benching Brown because he just hasn't been reliable enough, and TN is playing on MNF. If they were playing Sunday morning, I would consider it, but it's too much of a risk to take this late into the season. Play Pittman, especially if you get bonus points for receptions. Good luck!!!!
  12. Rudi or Pittman

    Looks like Pittman is being put up against every other RB this week. They are both playing very tough D's, so who's the better call this week? Pittman @ SD Rudi @ NE One upside to playing Pittman is that we get 1pt for each reception
  13. Check out my RBs from draft day

    Yeah.... how about this Alexander Henry Duckett George Minor Good thing I made a couple of trades and I have studs at WR.
  14. Brown or Pittman

    It's a hard call this week with Brown still crying about is toe and that he's playing on MNF. However, he is playing a bad KC D. Pittman could get a fair amount of work on Sunday. I think they'll try and run the ball on SD. I need to start one of them with Green. I guess I need to leave Rudi on the bench this week agaisnt NE?
  15. Would you sit any of these players for

    I have Brown as well. He is a tempting play this week, but a risk as well. I might have considered playing him if it was a Sunday morning game. Unless he's looking good by Sat or Sunday morning, I think the risk out ways the temptation. Keep in mind that TN doesn't have much to play for either.
  16. Who do you start do

    I'd say Pittman as well especially if you get bonus points for receptions.
  17. Griese vs Hasselbeck

    I have both of these QB's as well. Hasselbeck has hurt me more then just once this season. Two weeks ago, he had such a bad game it might have cost me a playoff spot. With that said I might start him this week. I benched him last week and he had a great game. Griese is playing a tough Chargers D, and I think they'll try and run first. As you said he might just have an average game. I need better than average game right now. Hasselbeck is playing a soft MN D without Winfield. It's a hard decision, but I'm leaning toward Hassel. Good luck!!!
  18. WDIS, Hasselbeck or Carr?

    Until Hassel is ready to show something, I would bench him. He's on my bench right now.
  19. Chester Taylor

    Do anyone think Chester Taylor is a good play this week? I'm thinking about using him in my flex position over Roy Williams, McCardell and Colbert. This league DO NOT give bonus points for a reception. Good move on Taylor or no?
  20. Dallas Clark

    Do anyone know if Dallas Clark is playing today. I could pickup Pollard if he's not.
  21. Dallas Clark

    When and where did Dungy say that? I just want to see if there's any updates.
  22. Rudi or Green

    Need to start one of them along with Pittman. I could however start all 3 RB's, using one at my flex position, but that would mean putting Burelson on my bench.
  23. Rudi or Green

    So start all 3 RB's and bench Burelson? who else thinks so?
  24. Rudi or Green

    one other thing.... My league give a point for each catch as well.
  25. Need RB HELP!

    Need to decide which two of my RB's I should start this week. Pittman vs. Atl Rudi @ Bal Green @ Phil Brown @ Indy league also gives 1 pt for each catch