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  1. Hasselbeck lost it for me this past weekend. I should have started Griese. This week Hasselbeck is playing Dallas at home, Griese is playing a tough Atlanta defense at home that sacked him 7 times, but threw 2 TD's in week 10 against Atlanta. Should I go with one of these guys, or pickup: Roethlisberger @ Jac (tough D) McNair @ Indy (bad D, could have a monster game)
  2. There's been lots of talk about the biggest bust this year. On the flip side, who has been your sleeper pick this year? Mine would have to be Javon Walker.
  3. The two biggest duds of the year

    Hasselbeck has to be my big bust on one of my fantasy teams and Travis Henry on my other team. Picked Hass in the third round, and Henry in the second round. Good thing I picked up Griese a couple of weeks ago, or I would be really screwed now
  4. Do I have a chance to win?

    I'm in a similar situation. I'm down by just under 25, but I have both Walker and Holt. The guy I'm playing is done for the week. Let's both hope that it's a major shootout, and they don't go to the run.
  5. holt playing tonight?

    I sure hope he is, I need him and Walker to get about 25 points for me.
  6. Conflicting info on Chris Brown! shows Brown as out for today's game.
  7. Hasselbeck, Griese

    I have Hasselbeck as my starter right now, and Griese on my bench. Should I go with that plan or pickup: Leftwich @ MN Boller @ NE McNair @ HOU I would also have to drop Pollard(TE) as well.
  8. Hasselbeck, Griese

    Passing Yards (30 yards per point) Passing Touchdowns (6) Interceptions (-2) Sacks (-1)
  9. Hasselbeck, Griese

    Griese @ Car Hasselbeck vs. Buf (at home)
  10. Rudi or C.Brown

    I have the same problem. Unfortunately, we'll both have to wait until before the game for Brown. I'm thinking about using both Brown and Rudi. Rudi in my flex position, along with Pittman. It's a hard call. Good luck!!
  11. Is Brian Griese For Real?

    I picked up Griese because Hasselbeck was hurt. I started him last week, but the word is that he's a bit banged up, and TB is playing a tough Pathers D. Right now I'm thinking about playing Hasselbeck over Griese. I'm also playing Pittman.
  12. I have Ahman, but it's looking like he won't play and I don't want to risk leaving him in there. My other RB's are Brown, Pittman and Rudi. Chris Brown is still hurting, but says he's going to play. Do I start Pittman and Brown? I could also play Rudi at my flex position, but that would mean I would sit Clayton this week. What's the thought on that as well. Rudi or Clayton?
  13. Need some RB advice

    Is there anymore advice on this?
  14. Hasselbeck will play, but how effective will he be? Griese is a bit banged up as well, and he's playing against a good Pathers D.
  15. wdis at Wr

    I have Clayton and Boldin as well. If I had Moulds, I would start him over the other two this week. I have Clayton and Boldin on my bench this week. Boldin hasn't showed enough yet to start him, and Clayton is going up against a tough Pathers D.
  16. Ahman Green's Injury

    That's a good point Purple....if Green does practice today(Sat), then I might consider taking a chance. However, it does sound like a risk right now to start Green.
  17. T Holt or D Mason

    Go with Holt. He could have a big game on Monday night.
  18. Ahman Green's Injury

    Muhammed is the safe play. I have Green as well with a playoff spot on the line, and because he's playing on Monday night, I can't take the chance of him not playing. Go with Muhammed!
  19. Witten vs Bears 650/5 The Bears have allowed only two tight end scores over their past 16 games, and they held Jeremy Shockey and Eric Johnson to a combined 73 yards. Putzier vs. Oak 328/2 Putzier not only scored his first career touchdown and racked up 53 yards against the Raiders earlier this season, but two of Plummer's three scores went to tight ends in that game. Oakland has now surrendered at least one tight end touchdown in each of their last five games overall (eight total). Is this just a toss up, or does one of them have a better chance of scoring? Let me hear what you have to say. League Settings Reception Yards (20 yards per point) Reception Touchdowns (6)
  20. pick 2 rb's and 1 wr

    I'd go with Kennison, Taylor and McGahee. I thought that Ward would be a good play this week with Plax out, but I would go Kennison over him.
  21. a green?

    I have the same problem. It sucks that Green is playing on Monday night this week. My other RB's are C.Brown, Pittman, Rudi... Hopefully we'll know something prior to Sunday morning to make a choice. If he doesn't practice I would bench him this week. Good luck bro!!!!
  22. Looks like Hasselbeck might not play and I don't have anyone else to start. Rattay, Griese, Garrad and Boller are the "best" four on the wire. Rattay @ TB Griese vs. SF Garrad vs. Tenn Boller vs. Dal Harrington is also on the wire. Need some help here! Is anyone starting any of these guys?