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  1. I'm short a DB this week, I'm thinking of dropping either Jamal Lewis or Braylon Edwards to pickup a DB on the wire. I can't decide which one to drop. Here's who I have for my RB's and WR's: LJ KJ Gore M. Barber Holt Boldin DJAX Moss R. Brown Both of the guys are backups and I haven't played either one yet this season. Just needed to for injury backups. Need help on who to drop.
  2. Need to pickup a DB

    Just was wondering, I know someone else that uses that same name, but he's NOT in Chicago.
  3. Need to pickup a DB

    Shiznit, are you from Chicago?
  4. Need to pickup a DB

    Thanks for the input. It's not a dynasty league. I've tried putting Edwards out there for trade, and not had any luck. Drop Edwards over Lewis? I need a DB this week, and a TE next week. If I drop Edwards or Lewis, I solve both those issues.
  5. Moss just was dropped in my league. I'm fourth on the waiver wire, so there's a good chance that I'll get him based on who's in front of me. I'm torn if I should pick him up or not. I would have to drop M. Morris, and go from fourth to 10 on the waiver wire. WR's are: Holt Boldin DJAX Reggie Brown B. Edwards Is he worth the headache??? Receptions (1) Reception Yards (20 yards per point) Reception Touchdowns (6)
  6. Is Randy Moss worth picking up?

    My RB's are: LJ Gore Kevin Jones J. Lewis Barber Thanks for all the input. I'm picking the headcase up. : )
  7. Is Randy Moss worth picking up?

    I'm leaning towards picking him up. Anyone else put their 2 cents in?
  8. WDIS

    I need to start one of them with Boldin and Holt. DJAX vs. NYG Reggie Brown @ SF Receptions (1) Reception Yards (20 yards per point) Reception Touchdowns (6)
  9. trade advice

    I wouldn't offer that trade. You'll be very weak at RB if you give Portis up.
  10. Need to start one of these WR's
  11. WDIS Bryant, Walker or Cotchery

    Thanks, that's who I'm leaning towards right now.
  12. WDIS Bryant, Walker or Cotchery

    Here's the match ups: Cotchery @ Buf Bryant vs. Phi Walker @ NE
  13. I have LJ, KJ, Gore and J. Lewis. Someone just put up Harrison for trade. My WR's are: Holt Bolden DJax R Brown B Edwards Not sure if he'll do it, but should I offer KJ for Harrison?
  14. Need WR help

    I need some WR help to go along with Drive, R. Brown and J. Walker I have Burleson and Bruce on my bench. The follow WR's are still on the wire: J. Cotchery A. Toomer A. Bryant B. Berrian Should I drop both of my guys and pickup two of these guys? If so, which two would be a good pickup?
  15. Need WR help

    Thanks, I dropped Burleson for A Bryant. I'm now thinking about picking up Berrian for Bruce.
  16. TE help

    Cooley just finished tonight’s game with one catch in garbage time. I'm thinking of either dropping him or CPep for either Heap or Des. Clark. My starting QB is McNabb.
  17. TE help

    and drop Cooley or CPep
  18. TE help

    Yeah, he was just dropped a couple of days ago. I can pick him up first thing tomorrow. What about Des. Clark??
  19. I have R. Brown and SJAX and this league doesn't have a flex position. I'm not going to start Gore over either of my other two RB's, so while his value is high, I'm thinking of trading him for some WR help. My WR's are Driver Walker R. Brown Burleson Bruce Who would I be able to get at WR for him right now?
  20. Gore's value for a WR

    I have P. Manning at QB, and I've tried shopping Jones already but didn't get a bite on him. I'll look for a team that's loaded at WR's. Thanks
  21. Gore's value for a WR

    Thanks for the advice. Along with Bronw, SJAX and Gore is have JJone, DFoster and MBell, so I'm somewhat deep in RB's.
  22. SJAX or Gore WDIS

    They play each other this week. Rushing Yards (20 yards per point) Rushing Touchdowns (6) Reception Yards (20 yards per point) Reception Touchdowns (6)
  23. trade Housh for Rudi

    Take this trade and real fast!!!!!