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  1. I need to choose one more WR to start with TO and Driver. Coles vs. TB Vinny to start Lloyd vs Indy Michael Clayton @ NY Jets Receptions (1) Reception Yards (20 yards per point) Reception Touchdowns (6) HELP ME OUT!!!!
  2. Kevin Jones or Pittman this week

    What Williams are you talking about???
  3. Who to start at WR?

    Thanks for the help. Lloyd is the most likely choice to get the points, is he not? Who knows how Vinnie will do with his first game back, and Clayton is banged up. Still looking for more help here!!!!
  4. Coles @ Balt Michael Clayton vs. Det Driver @ Caralina Lloyd @ Ari Need to start three of them in week 4 with TO Look at the previous three games, it looks like Detroit as the best passing def amoung the four teams above. Clayton has yet to find the end zone this year. However Coles has the least amount of yardage, with one TD going up against the Balt. def. So, what 3 WR's should a start with TO?
  5. Coles, Clayton, Driver and Lloyd

    Yep, with Pennington now gone, there's no doubt I'll bench Coles. I didn't know the news at the time that I posted this message. I going try and trade Coles. Maybe someone won't know yet.
  6. Kerry Colbert has been on my bench, but hasn't done anything after two games. I have Shockey or Dallas Clark at TE. I'm thinking about dropping Colbert for Heiden this week. Shockey and Clark are not projected for big games. I wouldn't need another WR until week 6. Should I drop Colbert and pickup Heiden for this week only?
  7. Drop Colbert for S. Heiden?

    Todd Heap is also a FA. Should I pick him up for Colbert?
  8. I just picked up Driver on the waiver wire. Now I need to decide which two WR's to start with TO. Michael Clayton @ Minn Driver @ Det Coles @ KC WR scoring: Receptions (1) Reception Yards (20 yards per point) Reception Touchdowns (6)
  9. In a previous question, I asked about starting two WR's with TO. Driver Coles Clayton Most everyone went with Driver. There was a fair amount of votes for Coles over Clayton this week. So.... I'm now wondering if I should move Clayton to the flex over T.Jones
  10. What two WR's should I start with TO

    I'm thinking of maybe making this a poll. It looks like Coles is getting more votes to start with Driver.
  11. What two WR's should I start with TO

    It seems like Driver is a must start, but it's split between Clayton and Coles. Any others with their 2-cents?
  12. T. Green vs. NYJ Delhomme vs. Saints Who should I start at QB for week 1?
  13. C. Brown @ Pitt Chambers vs. Denver Who should I start at my flex position in week 1?
  14. Donald Driver was just dropped in my league. I'm wondering if it's worth giving up my number 8 spot on the wavier wire list to try and pick him up. My other WR's are: TO Michael Clayton Coles Colbert Mark Clayton I would drop Kyle Boller to try and get him.
  15. Donald Driver just was dropped

    I just looked at the guys ahead of me. The guy that dropped Driver is ahead of me, one of my buddies who will not check the wire before the season starts is ahead of me, and a third guy who the commish has kicked out of the league is ahead of me. So, I really only have four guys in front of me that I'm concerned about. BTW, Drive was dropped for Caldwell.
  16. Donald Driver just was dropped

    So it's worth giving up my #8 spot on the wire? I would drop down to #12. I don't care to give up Boller, it's the #8 spot I'm concerned about.
  17. Now that Price is back with Bledsoe, is he worth picking up? He's projected as the third WR for Dallas right now. I would have to drop either Mark Clayton or Mark Boller.
  18. Peerless Price, what's his value?

    My other WR's are: TO Michael Clayton Coles Colbert Mark Clayton
  19. trade

    That's a tough trade, but I might do it only because it gives you a better balance for your team. Since you have Jackson as your third back, I think you're pretty solid at RB. Still a hard call, but I'd pull the trigger.
  20. Rookie WR question

    I drafted Mark Clayton, but Troy Williamson just was dropped. I could also pickup Williamson and drop a defenisve player, but I'm not sure about having two rookie WR on my team at the start of the season. Who is a better rookie WR to have on my team?
  21. Rookie WR question

    Is Williamson the second or third WR for MN?
  22. would you do this trade?

    I would do it only if you're still pretty strong at RB. Davis could have a great year, so that might be a big lose. Who are your other RB's?
  23. Trade?

    There's no way I would make that trade. Keep Smith and Foster.
  24. I drafted Boller to backup Bulger because of Mason coming over to Balt. but he's had such a bad pre-season that I'm now thinking of droping him. A couple of QB's on the waver wire are: Harrington Bledsoe Warner Should I pull the trigger or wait until the season starts?