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  1. WDIS?

    Cutler vs SF or Big Ben vs Cinci?
  2. Def ?

    Broncos D -- they are playing for WC spot and SF doesn't care. Denver's D is better than your other choices put together. They won't sit starters until it is a blowout and by then you will have your points.
  3. wdis word answer ok

  4. RB help

    Tough call -- 2RBs for the same team or a backup to the MVP ( Go Horned Frogs). Turner will definitely get some carries and be in a better position to score than the Dolphin RBs. I would honestly wait until Sunday to see if Brown will be the starter and decide then.
  5. WDIS at WR?

    Found our luggage -- couple hundred miles away, now need to find some WR love. Anybody else?
  6. WDIS at WR?

    Right now I have SSmith and Ward, but am leaning towards RBrown and Ward because Carolina is awful. I am in 2nd place right now and every point counts. I have to go find out where the he!! my luggage is, so thanks in advance and Happy Holidays.
  7. Big Ben or Eli? Edge or Addai

    Sounds unanimous. Thanks
  8. Which 2 WRs to start this week?

    I have been riding the Ravens train all year. Cleveland is awful!! Holt and Walker
  9. Both QB's have good matchups and who should I start at No2 RB?
  10. Pick my backfield

    That's not cool - don't need your help.
  11. I need some help, right now I have Edge ( 1 more chance) and Green.
  12. Do I not bench Holt and Tiki?

    Start both, Fitz/Gore are hurt. Monitor Tiki's hurt hand though
  13. Kitna OR Farve

  14. Eli or Big Ben?

    I forgot to mention that INTs don't hurt me. Would that change the pick?
  15. Eli or Big Ben?

    Who will be my best option?