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    Bills Season Tickets 30 seasons and I have never missed a home game or gone to the bathroom during the game.

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  1. This might be a Long Lunch

    On AMC isn't it edited down to 45 minutes. You can watch and still have a nooner. Great movie.
  2. Vic Nicknames or Slogans if he plays again

    Michael Vick=Scumbag Would be my sign or crazy slogan
  3. Pick-up truck (of any kind)

    Dodge Dakota Quad Cab, which I love.
  4. Happy 30th Birthday to peepinmofo!

    Wouldn't they always have been older Go Bills!
  5. Texans giving out free training camp tickets.

    The Bills give out free tickets to the night practices at St. John Fisher, just because of limited seating.
  6. Texans giving out free training camp tickets.

    If they charge for them then scouts from other teams can attend their practices. Most teams give free tickets to camp or it's general admission.
  7. interact with the mentos intern

  8. I know resistence is futile...

    Glad someone appreciates quality hughmor
  9. I know resistence is futile...

    But...WOW Someone alert Piccard Link
  10. Fanatsy Practice Squads

    Thanks Big John Nobody else uses pratice squads?
  11. Fanatsy Practice Squads

    I have been throwing arouind the idea of pratice squads in our keeper league. Was wondering the different rules and procedures that could be used with this. Limits, number and time a player could be on a PS Can other teams claim them Is there compensation if your guy gets claimed. In other words share your practice squad rules with me
  12. Solid or Engineered Hardwood floor?

    My wife said her orgasms are "engineered" is this good or bad?
  13. Inspired by a thread in league forum

    We drove up to see the Bills at Sullivan or whatever it was at the time 5 years in a row. Jim Kelly jersey and all they weren't nice people, to me or their Patriots. We were up there right after Zeke Mowatt whipped it out. Also when Grogan had to sign a waiver when he wore the neck brace, saying he wouldn't sue if he got paralyzed. Good times.
  14. Inspired by a thread in league forum

    On a side note I have never gone potty during a game.
  15. Inspired by a thread in league forum

    That's what wives are for...and killing spiders