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  1. lynch or peterson

    If the league awards PPR then consider Lynch, he should catch 40+ a year. He will play in the slot from time to time. Don't think AP is quite the pass catching threat... Either way you should be golden
  2. I was at the Palms in Vegas Saturday night and...

    Was he pregnant with Tom Brady's bastard child?
  3. Who's the Snitch?

    Just another case of the workers being pushed hard because of the owners lack of planning. Each team has shop stewards or player reps in this case, they would be in charge of complaining to the union who would then investigate, talk to ownership, and decide whether to grieve it or not. The Raiders may have been unaware of the violation and when they heard about it voluntarily cancelled the planned workouts.
  4. Players ready to break out.

    It is more a case Losman being more consistent, or even more so the line. Which I think both will continue their upward trend.
  5. Players ready to break out.

    agreed but I'm keeping Evans over Harrison so I expect even better things this year. Partly because Harrison is more of a tradable name in one of my leagues.
  6. Players ready to break out.

    I don't know what the definition of breakout is in this case but all things being relative...Lee Evans. I think he could be a top 10 wide receiver this year. Again he had 1200+ yds and 8 td's so the term breakout might not apply but I think he could be incredible.
  7. LaRon Landry misses start of minicamp...

    That's what you get walking around the woods half-cocked.
  8. Draft Day Smack Talk

    Great pick, just like it was two rounds ago. Wake up!
  9. Low class move?

    In my redraft league the champion gets to select from the cards 1-12 first to determine the random draft order. Then the runnner up etc... So by doing well you at least get first chance at being first to draft. They might still select a bad draft slot but they get chance.
  10. Low class move?

    Seems like he did it right. You have plenty of notice to replace him and draft position isn't the end all to winning a league. He could have just not showed up draft time leaving you and the league in a lurch. I tell my owners, in fact I beg them, if you want to quit at any point just tell me and I will deal with it. Just don't walk away and not say anything. Finally he could have legit reasons meaning he needs to quit. Either way he handled it well.
  11. The perfect thread

  12. gardening question

    Have the tree start a political thread day...DEAD!
  13. Trent Green

    Link For a 5th that could turn into a 4th.
  14. the NFFL?

    +1 est. 1994
  15. That story is stupid, who would believe Michael Vick could throw several succesful completions... "After several successful catches, Jones reportedly let a pass rebound off his fingertips towards the corner of the room, where it struck the vase, knocked it off the side table next to the couch where Goodell displayed it, and sent it crashing to the floor."
  16. Domestic Squabble

    Sounds like she's cheating on you...check her emails daily and don't forget about text messaging.
  17. Poker Starting Hand Nicknames

    4 6 Should be "Buddy Ryan"
  18. Stupidest thing you ever did in a car?

    We got a bunch of golfball sized rocks and would throw them out the car ahead of us doing 65. Needless to say the rocks are bouncing down the road and we are catching up. Most of them flew by the windshield at a rate of speed I can only guess. The most dangerous part of this story... we were in a Ford Pinto I hung out the door holding a snow brush to see how far I could grind it down on the road before we got home. But that wasn't stupid, that was fun.
  19. So um....

    Yeungling is tranny slang for penis... good for you and your ghey super...and you mean pokhim.
  20. Guys that were'nt drafted.

    I would say it is better to go undrafted once you get to the 6th more likely 7th round. This way you have more of a choice of where you go.
  21. Denver and Houston swap 1st rounders

    If this or something similiar happens, it is the lynch pin for 2-4 other deals. Including the Bills trading down and geting the second or even third best LB or CB. Unless the Broncos do covet Carriker and not Willis. This is shaping up to be actually an exciting draft. Not just the usaully interesting draft.
  22. worst first-round picks ever

    OT Mike Williams at #4, ugh.
  23. Huddle on the Puddle

    If Lundqvist gets hot, and he could, they might win. I just think it is very, very unlikely. May the better team win.
  24. Huddle on the Puddle

    that's cute
  25. Consensus NFL Mock Draft

    Carriker He gives them 2 bookend pass rushers to get some heat on the QB. With Vince Young and Manning in their division that would be good. Carriker is big enough to move inside from time to time on passing downs if needed.