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  1. Paintballin'

    I went out in the woods years ago and it was fantastic. What a rush. Some guys had incredible rigs for their guns, backpack ammo feeder, laser sights, fully auto, it was amazing. I ambushed four guys by hiding under a fallen tree with my rented gun. Got two of them and the others lit me and the tree up. It was a 1 minute fire fight. Bark and dirt was flying as I held my gun up and fired blindly until they hit my barrel and I was "killed". Laser sight boy, whom I shot three times in the chest, wasn't to happy, but I was laughing my ass off by the time it ended.
  2. Bills and Michael Turner

    And I say good for the asking price. We have too many holes to fill and some quality draft picks. Roll with A Train and draft someone in the 1st or a lesser guy in the second or even third. Link The Bills have made little secret about their interest in San Diego restricted free agent running back Michael Turner, but seeing a trade consummated by the two clubs prior to the draft appears unlikely according to Buffalo GM Marv Levy. "There's nothing new to report right now," said Levy Wednesday. "There are so many complexities to the deal that if it's done I've got to tell you it'd be a surprise." Levy is no doubt referring to the fact that not only would the Bills and Chargers have to agree on compensation to orchestrate the trade of Turner, but Buffalo would also presumably need to have a long term contract agreement in place with Turner's agent for a trade to be completed. When asked if the Bills would be willing to surrender their first round pick in this year's draft for Turner, Levy chose not to comment. "We wouldn't disclose what our strategy would be or what would happen with it," said Levy. "It's more complex than what we would offer right now. There are so many factors in it that I'd prefer not to talk about all of them. Let me put it that way." San Diego GM A.J. Smith has been sticking to his guns on compensation for Turner, which reportedly remains a first round pick. Whether Smith will lessen those demands to a high second-round pick between now and the NFL Draft a week and a half from now remains to be seen. Running back a focus With Buffalo in need of a running back it was a specific focus at the Bills draft luncheon Wednesday. Levy was asked if Buffalo needs to land a lead back coming out of this draft. "We won't say, 'God we've got to have a back, here's the best back available right now let's take him ahead of this corner or any position player who is rated higher," said Levy. "We're going to go for the higher rated position player." Head coach Dick Jauron has gone on record saying he's not opposed to a running back by committee approach. Both Levy and Bills Assistant GM Modrak admitted that the league has shifted a little bit in favor of an offensive approach which consists of more than one back carrying the full load. "You need to be able to run the football and two backs certainly give you that ability," said Modrak. "If you're going to go into the game wanting to run the football and you only have one guy and he goes down things change drastically. The pound and the wear and tear we talk about rotations and it's nice to have two. You can win without two, but you'd like to have another guy." Perhaps without an absolute demand for a number one feature back the Bills will address their hole at linebacker in round one and then focus on running back in round two. Modrak was asked about the running back talent expected to be available in the second or third round. "There are some guys that can be or could be very good number two (backs) or very good additions to your team," said Modrak. "I think there's some quality there at the right price. Some of them fit certain roles too. They may not be your lead guy, but they'd be great seconds or guys that can do different things for you and add a lot to your team."
  3. Bills and Michael Turner

    I'd say the 45 million they spent on lineman this year may have done that.
  4. Typical Wisconsin boy

    Typical selfish athlete...
  5. Teams showing interest in Derrick Mason

    Agreed, Mason will yield a 5th...Possibly 4th depending if the team drafts low or high. I am always amazed at what people think players are worth for draft picks. (In the real world)
  6. I think I've got a mouse

  7. Top 5 movies & t.v. shows

    For your enjoyment Joan Severance
  8. Inspired by Rocknrobin

    I finally got high speed internet and was able to do this. Enjoy, If you thik you would like to do an Alaskan cruise, do it. AWESOME. Pics
  9. Inspired by Rocknrobin

    Thanks, Yeah I'd go again tomorrow if I could...
  10. Done Ho

    Ever since Greg wore that damn tabu idol I have been worried for Don Ho. Now my worst fears are realized.
  11. Inspired by Rocknrobin

    I'm sort of PC stupid and it was easy as hell. Just have to sign up. The Picasa editing stuff is VERY user friendly and I use it for all my pictures. I had 750 more from Alaska but decided to spare everyone. Just download it for free and it gathers all your pc pictues to one place. Real cool.
  12. Inspired by Rocknrobin

    Any questions just ask.
  13. Inspired by Rocknrobin

    Thanks, a Canon S1 IS, 10 times zoom, Nothing as good as a Rebel, but smaller and pretty cool. Just for funerals and weddings... I likes what I likes...
  14. 28 Weeks Later

    sweet!!! I love Sandra Bullock...
  15. 2007 Buffalo Bills Schedule

    We could be a much better team and finish with the same or worse record. This schedule, as far as teams played, is brutal. The when and where we play is okay for once.
  16. theoretical question

    Leave Grit's alone
  17. Michael Turner

    This is sound speculation. I could see it being a draft day trade if Buffalo is on the the clock and Willis and Leon Hall are gone. I hope and don't think they would give up a first for Turner without getting a first round pick back. I just have a feeling Buffalo will trade their pick, probably moving lower, perhaps higher if Peterson falls past the Browns. I just think they need to aquire at least another pick to fill some of the holes on defense. As for getting Calvin Johnson, I think that is not going to happen, especially because the depth after Calvin Johnson is very solid. They could even trade down out of the first, pick up a selection and get a quality speed or even possesion type wr. Whichever they feel is their weakness.

    Is this well composed shots of spices? If so well count me in for Grindhouse.
  19. Who's your team - and what's your deam 2007 first rounder....

    I guess it would depend on the cost of trading up and who, at GB's other needs, would be around at 16. I think CB depth and RB is about equal this year. But if there is a run on corners they might see Lynch as a need and the BPA. It's all speculation of course.
  20. Who's your team - and what's your deam 2007 first rounder....

    Agreed, but if they don't like Willis for whatever reason and Leon Hall is gone then I bet they trade down and get Beason, Poslu*&%#, or similiar. The move Crowell inside for now. I bet GB would trade up to get Marshawn Lynch and we could pick up an additional 3rd, probably 4th. Then would Lorenzo Booker be available in the 2nd? His "first draft" segment on the NFL network impressed me. Classy acting guy, quick and can catch. He sounded smarter than some draftees. Also can return kicks in a need situation. Seemed like a good compliment to A-Train. Then with 2 in the third you could go best available LB, CB, and or big WR.
  21. Hockey thread

    Game in hand
  22. Hockey thread

    Oh, I thought you were talking about the President's Cup... SABRES
  23. The Shield

  24. The Shield

    STRIKE TEAM! Even Shane He had to do it, at least in his own mind.
  25. You Know Buffalo Sucks When...

    The notion that Kelly Holcomb forced any trade, is, to say the least, comical. Yes those aging third string QB's with questionable arm strength and limited mobility really can hold franchises to the fire. Trade me or I'm burning all your clipboards...