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  1. People Seem to love this movie, I hate it

    +1 But I believe it "Insists upon itself" I could be wrong...but not as wrong as the time I work for Elton John...
  2. People Seem to love this movie, I hate it

    I find the Deer Hunter boring, except for about 2 small parts. The wedding is apparently in real time...
  3. who here has the DirecTV HR20 HD-DVR?

    It is good, we like our old SD Tivo and still have it in the bedroom. I like the remotes feel and layout but the old tivo is still number one. I use an antenna with mine but our local HD isn't on DTV yet. There is a jack to plug the OTA antenna in the back of the unit, then you enter you zipcode and all available locals show up in the regular dtv guide. I would imagine San Diego local HD is up on DTV, so the antenna is not needed unless their is an extra cost you want to save.
  4. People Seem to love this movie, I hate it

    I liked AI as well, I wished it ended with him sitting in front of the "Blue Fairy" forever though. I don't really like Caddy Shack or Stripes that much...though I won't spread that around.
  5. Blockbuster Total Access VS Netflix

    I hate going to the BB store so that service is a good idea but I would never do it. The mailbox is always a few steps away and NetFlix offered me a good service at a good price when BB was charging 4 bucks for a rental. Brand loyalty for me and Netflix wins. I hate BB and Time Warner for previous pricing tactics.
  6. Anyone have a good job opening in NYC?

    Really...EVEN a TV station. ickday
  7. Who was LT bucking up on after the game?

    LT said mocking Merriman was disrespectful? His dance is mocking and disrespectful. I applaud LT for trying to walk away, the 100% correct thing would have been to shake hands and leave he was looking for a peaceful compromise. By the way "lights out" is for him knocking unconscience several highschool players? Which I believe isn't to healthy for the brain to get knocked out. Let's make a knickname for when I hurt people. Within the rules or not. Merriman is a punk, badsportsman, and cheater and I think deep down LT hates those things because HE is a class guy despite this incident. He's torn because he is a teammate which LT respects that bond, good. To answer an earlier post I was okay with the reaction to TO standing on the star. He too deserved what he got. It is a fine line because he could have gotten hurt getting blindsided which he didn't deserve. Sportsmanship can be displayed in varying levels, we rarely see it at it's highest level. So I am okay with appropriate reactions to inappropriate acts. But LT to say mocking Merriman's dance is disrespectful...I can't begin to say how many things are wrong with that statement.
  8. Who was LT bucking up on after the game?

    I saw the "Choke move" which I hate...ever since Pete Carroll did it to Mare or Stoyanovich whichever. But the mocking Merriman is fair game anywhere anytime. You don't like it you should play better, which they didn't do. The Chargers played selfish and undisiplined football. I hate the PAts but they earned the win and if they want to mock a fool and a cheater, have at it. I agree LT is classy when he speaks and most of the time when he acts. I saw him doing the "LOUDER" arm wave at the Bills game when his offense was on the field and he was lined up in formation in the backfield. The Bills just scored 2 quick TD's and the momentum had swung, it was pretty ridiculous I thought. They won anyway but it was close and his actions were selfish then too. It certainly did make it easier for his offense. Merriman did his stupid dance that day as well, the first back from his steriod suspension. I would be a little more humble if I was just back from cheating. I started the day rooting for the Chargers to go to the Superbowl but by the 3rd I was rooting for the Pats, whom I again, HATE!!!! But the played like pro's even if they did anything act like it. The Chargers did neither.
  9. your most hated nfl player(s)

    Junior Seau Jay Reimersma Rodney Harrison Joe Thiesman Randy Moss
  10. 1080P: Buyers Beware

    We just purchased the Pioneer 50" Plasma 5070 at Best Buy. If you are in the market for it we got them to sell it for $2849, just buy asking. It appeared at that price one sunday on the website. Despite what the Costumer Service person said. (We can't honor it and have no record of it) In person they went away for a minute and came back with, "OK". The price when we asked was $3,499 so it was quite a savings. They also price match for 60 days so that would cover the superbowl sales upcoming. It is an amazing TV. I also highly recomend Salamander furniture. It is expensive but expandable and very well made and packaged. It is designed for the audiophile with lots of options and room for components.
  11. Anyone here own a floral shop?

    It is very inappropriate to ask one's sexual orientation...
  12. CBS Sportsline - Playoff Games For This Week Not Set (Yet)

    Yeah blame CBS They're responsible for the weather as well
  13. Shopping: LINES

    "On accident" instead of "By accident" grinds my gears. But I do approve of "Cool Hwhip" instead of "Cool Whip"
  14. Stat corrections for week 15?

    List your players unless you are looking to lose by more...
  15. CBS Sportsline ponying up!

    My 2 leagues are both staying. Bigger payout for the keeper league and in the redraft we will buy a travel trophy with the difference. We had planned to buy one anyway.
  16. Lamar Hunt Dies

    Along with Al Davis, Ralph Wilson and others they helped shape what we all know and love today.
  17. Tipping the carpenter

    Thought this was about the church collection basket...
  18. Watching Football (rant)

    i'd order 2 when you can...always have a spare
  19. Angelo Crowell

    They have announced he is out for the year, (Most likely). Broken leg or leg injury in general. If desperate his back up would be rookie Keith Ellison who played ok when TKO was out. Also FYI SS Coy Wire played OLB all day if that skirts anyones rules for starting players at certain positions. This was because Ellison was hurt and didn't get enough practice this week to play the whole way.
  20. Semifinalists for HoF announced

  21. Who's the bigger pussly?

    I use my GOD like powers to veto this thread.
  22. Are there any leagues . . .

    So if you choose to not point it out for personal reasons and others are a sleep at the switch, then you keep quiet and the stats stay the same?
  23. Buckhalter TD ruled a McNabb Pass

    I have seen the scorers credit the wrong guy with catches or yards. That is just a typo by a civilian and it seems they would not want that changed either???
  24. Buckhalter TD ruled a McNabb Pass

    WOW, if true I now lose by 43 instead of 26...SAHWEEEET
  25. 108 Yard Return

    I don't know what the ruling will be but when the ball crosses the line of scrimmage some odd rules kick... regarding a missed, not blocked FG.