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  1. IF they combined FOOTBALL and NASCAR

    when a player gets hurt they keep playing but at half speed... Nobody should be allowed to run under a 4.4 40. Restricter plates added if you do.
  2. Fav. horror movie of all time

    I want to see Descent and Feast the project greenlight flick. Devil's Rejects was cool as hell. Night of the Creeps is a solid horror film.
  3. Colts trade a second round pick for a booger

    If Bill Polian gave up Peyton Manning for Mcfarland I'd trust him...
  4. Friday the 13th

  5. Parcell's: "It's him or me, I'm done"

    He did, but he veto'd it...
  6. Heading to Buffalo next week

    Generally yes, because of the sauce. Also the quality of the wing, size etc... But I normally don't have wings when I am elsewhere, I have the local deal.
  7. Heading to Buffalo next week

    It's all about the sauce and size. IMO BBQ sauce isn't Buffalo wings, hot sauce are Buffalo wings. So I would question that advice above. I'll be at the game too, enjoy, I have good seats though .
  8. Headlines that would make a fantasy owner ill

    good answer, good answer
  9. Headlines that would make a fantasy owner ill Bruschi wasn't the pilot...BIG mistake. Sorry for your lossesssess
  10. Headlines that would make a fantasy owner ill

    Why would they be on the same plane?
  11. Randy Moss

    He ran over a cop, drug violations, of the top off my head...
  12. Allow this trade as a Comish

    you are tool, veto that
  13. Is Stallworth Playing?

    looks like it, I just saw him warming up on espn at 7:45ish est. i have reggie brown and him and i have until 8:25 to make the call need whomever to get 100 and touch
  14. Mewelde Moore on JP Losman

    Either Moore is a punk or his rant on Losman was tongue in cheek, I suspect the later. Moore hugged Losman and they talked for 10 15 seconds. Big smiles...
  15. Huddler opinions wanted/needed

    I agree with the majority here, it is okay...but an awkward situation. In my league there are two brothers and now a father son combo. I guess I watch them but in reality two friends could be as close or closer than two bros. I guaruntee two friends are closer than husband wife. Sans the poundin'. I won't allow my wife into my league just for the looks of things. She is a co-owner though with my team.
  16. Mewelde Moore on JP Losman

    Where does all this Losman hate come from? I am all for judging a book by the cover but if that is the case state it. But if you are going off of rumors and below average tailbacks, pretty lame. Don't just follow the heard and hate cause someone said he's an ickday, listen and watch and form your own opinion. I too hate some players just because of their look, but I say that.
  17. I think my dishwashers are ghey

    My cook got his finger stuck in the dishwasher....had to fire them both.
  18. Mewelde Moore on JP Losman

    I'll watch and see if MM goes up to JP after the game for the handshake...if he does he's a punk, hypocrite. If I hate someone, rest assured they know it. None of that "How's you family dude?" If he hate him...commit 100%.
  19. One Week Defensive Swap...

  20. How do you deal with owners like this?

    Sounds like a ransom note...put small unmarked starters in a suitcase, leave them at will call, no Titans, and don't try anything funny. We are watching... The crap counter for spite is a bad idea, I think you see. After all you might need him in the future. I try and take a breath before I fire off what I want to say and then send back the polite email.
  21. How do you deal with owners like this?

    Not responding is bullcrap, he might think it is a fair deal. Even if it the worst deal ever and I have gotten a few, I normally say either "No thanks" or when all else fails try the truth, "The offer sucks, thanks anyway"
  22. One Week Defensive Swap...

    I think you are actually increasing your chance of a poor outing. If you have the Chargers players against the Ravens D one or the other pretty much has to do well. If you have the other situation both the Chargers players and the Bears D could do poorly. Of course they could both do well, but it isn't the point. I agree with the others, it is wrong and you should avoid the situation.
  23. Deep Sleeper at WR?

    Parrish has 2 td in 2 was called back on a offensive pass intereference call that didn't affect his scoring. They are designing plays for him to score. He also returns punts and will break one guarunteed!
  24. Sleeper Strong Safeties?

    He's a FS but maybe read up on Ko Simpson, he had a sack against the Dolphins and is playing well. Troy Vincent is on IR.
  25. two games in, who is the coach of the year? (so far)

    Don't know but when does the shine fade from Nick Saban. If Tice or Malarkey screwed that flag toss they'd be labeled as the dumbest coach in history...He gets a pass cause he's "A tough guy"