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  1. Rate my Squad-

    seems fine, compared to what though
  2. Commish picked my keeper!

    the only one who should be upset are the 9 who had the keepers in on time. You three should get one less keeper or two whatever the case. and the commish MUST treat everyone equal, so he was wrong there but you guys, in theory had an unfair advantage, waiting on potential injuries and starting situations to clear up. did you at least ask his reasoning...its a fair question.
  3. Deep Sleeper at WR?

    Roscoe Parrish Reche Caldwell
  4. any other reasons to void FF trades?

    I never have, but if I overturned a trade, it would accompenied with a invitation to leave the league. If not immediatley the following year. I said as much at the draft this past week.
  5. Do you ever find yourself thinking like this?

    I didn't have to do it, but if I had gotten a top 3 pick that is the logic I was going to use in taking Alexander 1st. Though my wife warned me once a day about the Madden curse.
  6. Travis Henry Starting?

    I'm glad Paul Revere wasn't a "Noob", if he was we'd all be speaking English right now cause nobody would listen to him.
  7. Your first ever draft

    1994 1.06ish John Elway 2.19ish drumroll please.......Pete Stoyanovich (My logic, haha, was he was projected around 110-125 points and dividing that up over 14 games meant he was better than any running back. The flaw of course is that all the kickers project to those numbers more or less) I did finish 6-8 for what it's worth. This league still exsists and it probably was the worst pick ever. It apparently took me 11 years to get over it as I finally won last year.
  8. Deadwood

    Agreed, they have two 2 hour movies scheduled to complete the series. A "good" Deadwood is still the best show on tv.
  9. Anyone else awake?

    Just got Madden 2 days ago, only played it for a couple minutes. Seemed cool as normal
  10. Keeper League Draft Order

    We keep 5 total, 1qb, 1rb, 1wr, and 2 of 3 te, k, or d. First 6 rounds are NFL style. The round 6 starts serpentine, starting with best to worst. We only allowing trading of picks into the 5th round.

    Ahhh c'mon leave Nall outta this...
  12. Handling TO...

    Ironically, I think Jimmy Johnson could have handled him. I always remembered when he said something to the effect, "Of course you treat your star players different(Better)" I agree Bill is taking the needling approach and I don't think it'll work.
  13. Best way to get rid of old CD's?

    I would find out what the IRS value is, your tax guy could tell you. Then take them to the Goodwill. The IRS alots $5 per CD then maybe it is worth the write off.
  14. Huddle Gardeners

    And then it might only cook them to a golden brown. I believe with corn you need several plants as the need to cross polinate. You may have prevented your corn from gettin' it on. Why do you hate America?
  15. Jerious Norwood

    It makes the scattered "Who"'s when I drafted him even sweeter. I am desperate for a homerun sleeper and he should at least be a solid double. Maybe a double that should have been scored a single and error, but it was kinda iffy as the center fielder ran along way when the shortstop got a late jump on the ball because he was playing shallow. Maybe the outfielder had a slight groin tweak from an early steal attempt and just couldn't get there...
  16. Redskins v Patriots

    Portis fell to me at 2.03 after I took McGahee at 1.10. Thirteen straight backs went, unitl Manning at 2.02. I am pretty happy, but we all are after a draft.
  17. Portis

  18. Portis

    They can make him bigger...
  19. Most Improved Defenses in 2006?

    I don't think it is homerism. They have the #1 ranked special teams 2 years running and set a NFL record with 5 kicking game returns 2 years ago. Their punt and kick returners are: Nate Clements, Roscoe Parrish, and Terrance Mcgee for starters. Mcgee a pro-bowler. They should have a playmaking defense at least. If you are heavily penalized for yards against then notch them down a peg or three. But that Bears/Tampa 2/Colts coverage results in defensive turnover and scoring chances. With a little luck they can increase immensely in the yards against area. Luck being TKO's achilles, he may play tomorrow and the DT opposite Tripplett emerging and they seem to be progressing well. McCargo has been quiet but 5th rounder Kyle Williams out of LSU I believe, is very good so far. They are going to rotate the interior line alot. The secondary is very strong, they lacked a pass rush in '05 and were forced to blitz Lawyer Milloy nearly every down it seemed, resulting in big chunks of yardage. He for sure was always at the line of scrimmage and just not effective enough. The team may stink, I don't think nearly as bad as most, but the defensive/kicking teams will be a strong point and the defenition of a sleeper pick in anyones eye.
  20. No one has brought up Carolina's defense yet?

    I have them in a keeper league and expect them to be worth 3 wins on their own this year with defensive or special teams scores.
  21. Joey Galloway

    I refer to situations like this by saying "Think 2003 Darrell Jackson." What I mean by that is while someone was jumping on the hot Koren Robinson I waited a couple rounds and grabbed Jackson. Same deal here Galloway is good but the VALUE pick, with upside, is probably Clayton and he is a target of mine.
  22. Question

    Dillon is worth taking if you are strong with other backs, meaning ones that will develope by week 6-9. Dillon could surely earn you some wins early. I just wouldn't want to rely on him late or for the playoffs. If that makes sense
  23. Id rather listen to ________ then Joe Theisman bones snapping from a fall.
  24. REFS in Colts vs Hawks game

    Guess what...they don't make up calls. Miss penalties and turnovers but they don't make stuff up.