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  1. Commishes

    Agreed, but I have only seen it for a day and a half and was glad to get the chance to comment. Even if it didn't help anyone.
  2. Does J Lewis' injury scare you?

    I think the injury might be a blessing for some. It might devalue him so he goes a little later in the draft. Making him worth the flier in the 5th instead of 3rd or 4th. I think he could have a good season but wouldn't take him if had risky picks already. I would need some solid sure fire RB's and then I would gamble with him.
  3. Commishes

    If you are really truly going to follow those rules you need to make them clearer and add the the phrase "immediatley benefit both teams". Implying this is a joke now is a bit weak. And if....IF it was a joke you really waisted a lot of people's time. There are plenty of starving fantasy players in Africa you didn't get their post answered because of this. Why call for a thread lock, boring maybe, but it's the longest thread that never really got rude or mean.
  4. Commishes

    The only thing TOS did right was to make a decision (I think the wrong one). No lord darned votes, thats the friggin' problem.
  5. Commishes

    Isn't the goal of every owner to unbalance a league? One game at a time. I loved the post about Droughns having 2 and Jacobs having 9 TD's. It should end there. My fists are clenching....
  6. Commishes

  7. Commishes

    This thread makes me want to puke...I stopped reading it here. TOS, you sound like a smart guy but this is ridiculous. That rule is the dumbest thing ever. What makes your judgement better than his. Not your power greater, your the commish, but your judgement better. I'd be proud of the guy making that trade. And by the way what the hell is a balanced league? This thread is 8 pages, so maybe I going over old stuff.
  8. Does anyone have this phone

    Link How much is the monthly fee for internet?
  9. Duckett to Jets?

    Yes he is about 203, I was comparing him to Dunn at 180.
  10. Does anyone have this phone

    i found the info i wanted, still like to know if people like the phone. thanks
  11. Does anyone have this phone

    Is that the service in full, minus taxes and fees of course. Or is the cell service more.
  12. Duckett to Jets?

    If he does go to the Jets, then move Jerious Norwood onto your sleeper lists. He has good size for the goalline. We all know Dunn lost carries to Duckett.
  13. Lawnmower Finally Bit the Dust

    Not if you put it in a bag of sand.
  14. I jacked off a pronostar because I marijuana

    I licked Paris Hilton because I have a Hugh weiner. Am I a carrier now? Couple of 10-13's in the house
  15. Poker tonight

    Once in a lifetime hand...enjoy it. He'll never forget it either.
  16. My Alaska Pics

    Great pics! When were you there? We just went June 16th on the Dawn Princess. Looked liked you where on the Sun or Maybe the big one. I think I'll post mine on line. Thanks for the idea.
  17. The hardest research question of all

    first guy I thought of
  18. Did Peyton win it all

    I was wondering how many teams with Peyton Manning were able to overcome the inherent weakness at other spots in order to get Manning. Perhaps note keeper or re-draft. In both my keeper and redraft the team with Peyton did not win the championship. The teams that won keeper league had Carson Palmer...The winner of the re-draft had Jake Plummer as normal starters. I hypothesize not many Manning teams won it all. 2005 was a down year but neither team in 2004 won with him either.
  19. After the BIG 3 at RB, what do you do?

    I becoming a Steven Jackson guy. I will probably live or die with him...
  20. Did Peyton win it all

    I have never owned him except his rookie year. But I was trying to think if had the 1.11-12 would I take him. I think the answer is no. But I do think he is going to throw 40+ tds easy. Better to load up on his targets later than him early.
  21. Help with your draft

    Thank you kind sir, I shall endeavor to utilize that site should I forget which round comes after 4.
  22. Come on Portis

    I have no respect for anyone that calls somebody else, especially an injured NFL player a pusslie. I won't even argue the why of it... it should be obvious. I also despise the term "Choker"
  23. Is anyone else nervous about Carson Palmer?

    He is my keeper QB, but I am planning on drafting a solid veteran for the first few weeks of the season. If I didn't already have him I might avoid. On the other hand he might be a devalued pick in or around round 5.