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  1. Let's talk about the Metal

    Certainly the aggessive death metal style of growling vocals has become more prevalent. I'm such a fiend for distorted guitar crunch that I've listened to a lot o' Death Metal over the years, and I kinda got used to it. To your point, it is overdone, and I think a lot of bad bands use the speed, distortion and vocal style of death metal to hide musical shortcomings. But on the other hand (the left hand path?) there are a ton of bands I dig who sing that way, or alternately mix up the growls with clean vocals to add contrast, Mastodon being one of them. I think there's good and bad in every style of music. I can't say I hate every vocalist that bellows and growls any more than I can say that I loved every Halford-esque wanna be screamer back in the 80's, which was certainly the fashion at that time.
  2. Let's talk about the Metal

    A little more metal for ya: I was able to check out Nile's off-Ozzfest show last Friday here in Seattle and had a freakin' great time. Full review here for you headbangin' types.
  3. sony cuts price of PS3

    That's what I've done. I'm pretty much the opposite of an early adopter, so a few months ago I finally traded in my old N64 & games (while I could still get some trade value for it) for a used original Xbox, and ended up paying the difference of $60. So far it's been great. You can get Xbox games now for around $10, and the kids have had a great time playing Crash Nitro Kart and Super Monkey ball, while I finally got to play Halo 2 & Forza, with the added benefit that the games will work when I finally upgrade to a 360.
  4. Let's talk about the Metal

    Ands it's not just the lyrics. The Pol! Pot!! Breakdown at the end with the rising guitars is absolutely scorching. ETA: By the way, The import 2 cd version of Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables on Cherry Records is THE version to track down. Includes a 2nd cd with all the EP singles including Kill the Poor, Too Drunk/Police Truck, & Holiday, w/ b-sides.
  5. Let's talk about the Metal

    With "Too Drunk..." & "Holiday in Cambodia" not far behind. Great stuff!
  6. Let's talk about the Metal

    Man this thread has been quiet. On the extreme metal front, lately I've been digging the new Cephalic Carnage, "Xenosapien", and the album "Akeldama" by The Faceless. Looking forward to checking out Nile next Friday.
  7. My Year Has Been Made!

    Wow, and all I got to see was the Summer Slaughter Tour... link
  8. AC/DC is best served loud

    That's great, hahaha! My 4 year old was running around a few month's ago singing over and over and over again Dir-TY DEEDS and the DUN DER DEETS!
  9. Twiley's kid on the way!

    Best wishes!
  10. What is poaching chicken?

    No, no, no. Poaching is gently simmering in liquid. The technique is good for chicken and fish as it will keep them moist, and cook them nicely without beating them up too bad. Pour your white wine, pepper and chicken in a pot, bring to a low boil, then let it simmer for 10 minutes. DO NOT let it reach a rolling boil, just keep it at a simmer. The water shouldn't touch it....
  11. The Loop

    Wow, really? I caught the 2 episodes last Sunday and thought it suuuuucked, like a bad, unfunny ripoff of Arrested Development. And yet I respect your opinions. Were those 2 representative of the show as a whole?
  12. The perfect thread

    I got nothin'.
  13. Well, we can fix that. pm sent
  14. A face to the name of DMD

    Man, that host SUCKS! That's quite a technique he's developed, asking questions and then cutting off his guests mid-answer. Nice work DMD, msaint.
  15. New White Stripes

    The video for Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun". "Black Hole Sun, won't you come and wash away the RAAAAIIINNNN...."
  16. Insanely Good Dessert

    After a meal of "Maui" beef ribs, grilled asparagus and grilled Queso Fresco/sharp cheddar quesadillas, I just came up with the following: 1 Asian pear, cubed bite size 1 Mango, cubed bite size 1 Papaya, cubed bite size 1/2 lb fresh cherries, pitted & halved Dressing 1 tbsp Honey 1 tsp brown sugar juice from 1/2 a lime 1 tbsp of plum sake Combine and Whisk until honey and sugar are incorporated. Combine fruit, and toss with dressing, let sit in fridge for an hour to allow flavors to meld To serve: place a small scoop of french vanilla ice cream in the bottom of a bowl and top with a generous portion of the fruit salad. Pour yourself a plum Sake to accompany. Awesome.
  17. New White Stripes

    Smiling women with knives mess me up. I attribute it to the end of Suspiria...
  18. New White Stripes

    Egret, just wanted to let you know, your Black Hole Sun avi gives me the creeps...
  19. What book are you currently reading?

    Power of the Dog by Don Winslow
  20. Famous epitaphs

    Fusion Champion 2007
  21. Mountain Bikes

    AG, the bikes at the big box stores are probably fine, but generally heavier than you might like if you decide you enjoy it and want to get more serious. If I were you, I would look for a name brand like Trek Giant Fisher Cannondale Specialized Etc. through craigs list/paper/yard sale, whatever. Also, check college newspapers as sometimes students sell their bikes at the end of the school year, you can get a good deal and your timing is about right. You should be able to get a solid chromoly hardtail at a decent price that way, with a good frame and more than adequate drivetrain, as all these brands make quality products. Also if you decide to resell it, you will be able to get your money back out of it. I don't know that that would be as easy with a big box bike. You might want to go to a bike shop under the auspices of "just looking" to get measured so you are looking for the right size. And if you do go used, if you decide to do something like go camping with it, I would take it to have it serviced first just to be safe, so you don't get stuck somewhere.
  22. Woot Off!

    What'd I miss? Any BOC's?
  23. Masturbation public service announcement

    Chargerz, when you get a little older, we can talk about why you have these feelings...
  24. 5 Year Old B-Day Food

    So you know my kids?
  25. 5 Year Old B-Day Food

    Chicken Satay with peanut sauce. Food on a stick, Kids love it.