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  1. Cash Trades

    We have no cap, but pure economics limts the cash exchanged. No boy has ever bought players with out attempting to realize a profit
  2. Cash Trades

    I know many of you will find this disgusting, but our league of 10+ years allows cash trades This is a high dollar 12 team league with a $300 entry fee. By allowing cadh trades, teams with losing records are allowed to recoup part of their entry fee. It generally allows the cash to even out
  3. D.Davis or Gado?

  4. Pick 1 WR

    going against the grain Dallas D will be ready - go with Chambers
  5. Which QB?

    Brunell LJ will go off for KC
  6. I have beednoffered the following trade from an owner who needs RB I get Favre Driver & Shipp I give Hasselbeck Jurevicous & S Davis I know S Davis has value, but I am afraid that A Alexander will keep getting all of the scores fro Seattle
  7. Lineup Help....please!

    Consider Curtis over Jones - shoot out in St Louis this week
  8. Harrison for McGahee

    I don't think Harrison will land you McGehee
  9. Jamal Lewis for Willie Parker

  10. C Pep for R Moss

    what can you get for hasselbeck? start low
  11. Sell Fred Taylor?

    need to see your roster
  12. WR waiver wire help

    T Taylor has more upside than Curtis as he has a chance to be a #1