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  1. QB choice

    Farve should be a high scoring game as usual pls see my post
  2. WDIS DEF?

    Indy, they get turnovers sacks etc.. complete unit Skins have a negative turnover ratio. i dont think you can go wrong wither way however Pls see my psot
  3. WR Help

    i hear TJ is playing. CJ will get a lot of the attention so TJ could have a good game! JMO pls see mine
  4. WDIS - A Thomas or A Stecker

    If Stecker is playing (last i heard he was questionable, could be wrong) i wouyld play him he did recieve more carries than smith. JMO pls see my post
  5. bench Chad Johnson in favor of....

    never bench your studs
  6. Curtis or Gaffney

    curtis Gaffney & the Texans suck. They have played from behind all year and havent doe a thing. JMO! pls see my post
  7. T.Taylor or Burelson

    if those are your only choicess go w Burleson. pls see my post
  8. WDIS?

    voted A smith. pls see my post
  9. Ahhh Crap

    Volek is a nice filler this week. Mckown for the year He is starting this week as well. pls see my post
  10. A Brooks or Hasselbeck

    Gotta start Hass. even though brooks is tempting in what should be a high scoring game. Pls see my post
  11. WDIS Pick 3

    I am leaning to Lewis (RB ove WR) Moulds & Mason any thoughts? I will answer yours
  12. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 3

    Hi Hugh, WDIS plummer vs KC or Griese vs GB I think both could have good games. Standard performance Thanks
  13. volek vs brees - what i learned

    I did the exact same thing. Left Brees on my bench with 30+ points and would be leading by 1 pt with each of us having 1 player left. OH well theres always next year. 2nd place take was 300$ so not to bad.
  14. I was played him and he gave me a goos egg. I lost by 30+ pts. But with Brees on my bench it stings pretty bad. Cost me $800. Difference between first & 2nd. Oh well live and learn. I was playing to win.

    yaejh, I know I rode Bulger & Brees all year as well. Decided to play Billy Boy last week as well. We all know how that worked out. Oh Well I though it was going to be a tougher game for him but not zero point tough. Win some & you lose some. That is what makes FF so great.... 2 nd place in y league still gets $300. Ill take it either way. But I dont hear the FAT LADY singing just yet!!