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  1. Keep me logged in!

    The company that I work for is having the same problem with Chrome. Our workaround is to stop adblockers or use incognito.
  2. The race to one million

    Unfortunately, her character's name doesn't start with with Pad
  3. 32 Homers Members

    zing, complicated. 32 teams. You represent an NFL team. One keeper from your NFL team then a draft. Go to the 32 Homers page for league rules.
  4. The race to one million

    My eyes aren't as good as they used to be. I read that as 30023. I thought "Steve has lost his mind"
  5. The race to one million

    This is going to be hard, already tired. Going to bed.
  6. The race to one million

    OK here we go. Pad one
  7. Still don't have any online payment options. I'll send you a check if I can get your address.

  8. The race to one million

    While DMD is asleep, I'm going to make 200 posts in a row right at the last minute.
  9. The race to one million

    John, I hate it when you're logical!
  10. The race to one million

    I just want to post in this thread so that when a miss a million by one post I can delete this one and be the winner.
  11. Brady...pretty accurate.

    It's as real as this
  12. Randall Cobb to Green Bay? (Rumor)

    Davante is already upset. Cobb would definitely have to take a pay cut.
  13. 76 years ago

    I can only see those things through old grainy tapes and movie replications. Those kids were young and sent into hell. They expected to die. I can't imagine it.