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  1. Andy Dalton to The Bears

    As a Packer fan: $10 million...
  2. Party Idea

    That party was epic for those of you that missed it.
  3. Alex Trebek died this morning

    Late to the RIP. I watch Jeopardy every day. I cried alot.
  4. Are You Armed

    Funny. I brought up this thread to a friend of mine last night. I asked him how many guns he owns. He said 'I don't know, like 15-20, but not enough'. He works for the post office.
  5. Are You Armed

    I'd probably run when I saw the lifesize Tom Landry doll.
  6. Human Tetris

    That was hilarious!
  7. Are You Armed

    Have never shot/owned a gun in my life. Where I work EVERYBODY shoots trap/hunts/collects guns. I know tons of people that own 20-40 different guns. They all think I'm a freak. But I also voted differently.
  8. do's and donts when meeting a huddler

    Take this, crybaby :throwssaltineyes:
  9. For You Married Folks Only

    Not married yet, so I'm not allowed to tell you.
  10. Hmmm. I walk nonstop for 8 hours a day, 4 days in a row. Every week. Do you all feel sorry for me?

    Let us know what you think.
  12. Blackberry Pearl

    Sorry, I still have a rotary phone connected to a wire in the wall. I don't know where that wire goes.

    We've used it many times and have been happy probably 90% of the time. Generally, the star rating that you pick is dead on and the hotel is always in the area that you want if your willing to give or take a mile. The problems arise when you get to the hotel. You may not get your bed choice, you may not get to choose your smoking preference, you can't upgrade rooms, etc. Also, if you offer a price and it's rejected, the site won't let you choose that star rating again from that IP address for X amount of tiime.
  14. Al Gore's kid busted

    I think times have definitely changed. At my bar, our patrons age from 21-100, all walks of life. The kids under 30 are big into prescription drugs. I'll here somebody say out loud to everybody "Does anybody have a (insert your choice here)?" Rarely the answer is no, or at least they have something similar. Coke has also gotten big around here.
  15. Another lame law that most reaturants break

    detlef, you live in a f'ed up state.