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  1. Kansas State @ Oklahoma

    USA Today still has Peterson listed as Questionable due to personal reasons. FWIW.
  2. What do you think? Standard performance scoring. Harrington scares the crap out of me, but I don't think the TB corners can cover Roy. Branch will probably have a tougher time but has a much better QB. At least that is what I am thinking.
  3. Let's talk about the Metal

    That album is very good. Definately worth a listen. Maiden is working on a new album due out 1st half of next year!! I still think Live after Death is one of the best live metal albums of all time.
  4. Let's talk about the Metal

    Amen brother. Some of these bands have such great music and ruin it with some dude sounding like he is trying to hock up something for the entire album.
  5. Let's talk about the Metal

    I am into the more melodic metal (grew up on Iron Maiden and still love em!!) and I just discovered Nightwish a few weeks ago. They are definitely worth a listen. As well as Iced Earth, and Children of Bodom. And for something a bit darker, Cradle of Filth RAWK!!! They do a version of Maiden's Hallowed be Thy Name that is just plain gross.
  6. King Of The Mountain

  7. Big Ten is Toughest Conference?!?

    I think the OSU playcalling was offensive. If they will not pick a QB and stick with him, and try to get the WRs (two of the best in the game atm in my opinion) into the gameplan, they will not win the Big 10, let alone have a shot at a BCS bowl. I also think the losses in the Big 10 will hurt their chances at any championship hopes they might have had. Unless Michigan and Iowa only lose to OSU for the remainder of the games. edit to add: the Notre Dame - USC game should be one to watch!!
  8. Best Week 2 college games that I can remember!

    Most definately!
  9. Best Week 2 college games that I can remember!

    You probably have never thought of this, since you obviously don't really care or pay much attention to the actual game being played, instead looking for ways to hate another conference but, this was an inter-state rivalry game. Rankings mean nothing in this type of game. It is ALWAYS going to be a fight and struggle with your in-state rival. You might want to start to actually pay attention to the game and you might learn a little something. BTW, you guys think we should start calling this guy Sgt. Griswold? In honor of a certain someone?
  10. Preseason college rankings again..........

    I guess refusing to take a sack has nothing to do with the defense? C'mon dude, I understand being a hater. I HATE Michigan. But at least I give them credit when they play well. This was one of the most exciting college games I have seen in the last couple years. It was only fitting for it to come down to the last few minutes to decide the game. Great game from both teams, if Texas beats OU this year, I think they just may win it all.
  11. Big Ten is Toughest Conference?!?

    Is this guy serious? How could anyone watch this game and NOT be impressed with Ohio State's linebackers? They have to be the best group of linebackers of the last 10 years. They were continually in the backfield, stopping Yound, hitting Yound, hurrying passes, etc. After the initial butterly filled first series where young ran for 50-some yards, how many more yards did the vaunted QB run for? That's right, 25 yards. The best running qb in all of college football had 25 yards two ints and caused a fumble. Yes he threw for 270 yards. So what. He was 4-12 on 3rd down and 0-1 on fourth down. So much for "shredding" the OSU D. If you can't see that this was a truly great game that someone had to lose, and that both of these teams are going to be VERY good this year, you are not a college football fan. BTW, that had to be some of the most conservative playcalling I have ever seen. I thought OSU was supposed to be opening up this year??
  12. King Of The Mountain

  13. WDIS RB

    Standard performance scoring, must start 2. Holmes McGahee S.Jackson I am worried from reading Vermiel's comments about sharing the load that Priest isn't going to get enough touches to outperform S.Jackson. What do you all think?
  14. Pick your National Champion

    If your heat says Iowa, what does your head say?