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  1. Maryland Crabs

    Cliaz, when you get settelled in you have to come down for one of my Oyster Roast-Cary is about 2 hours from Wilmington.
  2. PD's Annual FF Rag Report.

    Pretty much what I was trying to say....FF'ers are buying into the Denver system and RB X, so I'll wait and see about Mr. Henry. He deserves a ranking as a starting RB, but 11 with some of the talent behind him on that list....11th no way.
  3. PD's Annual FF Rag Report.

    PFW RB's 10-20 Bush Henry McGahee Ronnie Brown Maroney Edge Duece Benson Jones-Drew( I'd take him over Bush, Henry, Edge and Benson) T Jones M Barber
  4. PD's Annual FF Rag Report.

    CB is #17 TJ is #19 Here is what I don't get....Duece is still the man in Nawlins, but they have Bush at #10 and Duece at #16
  5. PD's Annual FF Rag Report.

    What in the hell has TH done since leaving Buffalo? Yes, to be ranked 11 is nut's, and it's all due to the Denver RB always producing quality #'s most the time. I'll just have to wait and see but he is not targeted for any of my teams at the moment. I'll need some PS looks to form a FF opinion of him, but if recent history is any indicator..I'll stay away.
  6. What about auction draft's?

    I don't care for them, but a few years ago they were the rave, now it seems they are losing some speed and popularity. This is not a bust on the auction FF'ers, but a legit question-"Are they losing popularity and quickly becoming the way of the dinosaur?"
  7. The Last of the Mohicans

    I do have that on my list of places to visit up north and I'd like to hit some of the scenic parts of Vermont and Maine as well.
  8. PD's Annual FF Rag Report.

    I don't know why the Portis is that low, hell they have T Henry at #11 and Marion Barber at #20...then again guy's this is chitter room fodder and nothing more-amusing and I'll buy the others just so we can take a gander, who knows, I might run outta toilet paper.
  9. What about auction draft's?

    Good Info, and I'm starting to piece it together, but it looks like I'm out in this particular league anyway.
  10. PD's Annual FF Rag Report.

    Driver is #11 just outside and looking in Portis is #21
  11. The Last of the Mohicans
  12. The Last of the Mohicans

    There are a ton of natural water falls and little creeks, but most empty into the massive Lake Lure.
  13. Vick is all done

    Hmmm...just go to the Panthers Homepage and listen to the interview with Goodell and then re-think that question. It's in the media/video thingee.
  14. A Question For You Long Time Huddlers

    FBG? It's fuggin FF kindergarten over there and toolish is putting it lightly. This is the Utopia of FF website-nothing and I mean nothing comes close. Damn Boss, what did you eat last night
  15. Dance Recital

    Yes, my eldest had one in her Ballet class two years ago-it was great. She switched interest to gymnastics and their "meet" was pretty entertaing vs the other gymnastics school....nobody lost and everyone got ribbons and trophy's.
  16. The Last of the Mohicans

    Wilmington NC
  17. The perfect thread

    I just washed the Caddy, so it will rain for sure now-just doing my part to help break the drought. I wonder what would happen if I backed the 300 ZX Convertible outta the garage and left the top down....Murphy could'nt stand that and I do have some Cherokee blood in me as well ..modern day rain dance/ceremony?
  18. The Last of the Mohicans

    Well, I know the section of Wilmington to drop you off at
  19. The Last of the Mohicans

    I would like to do one of my Oyster Roast in the fall for any Huddlers who could make it down/up/over to my place in the fall, say October-early November. I would think it would be a great time for all and I hire guys to shuck the ollies and pour beer/make drinks. It be great to get the Boss and other Brass to come as well.
  20. Hmmm-could be
  21. What about auction draft's?

    Just read an email from my buddy trying to get me in the league. He told the "Commish" of my FF experince and while he was wrong, said I had alot of "auction" experince as well. So, I'm on the "waiting list" now and some pigeon with just 2 yrs FF experince and "no" auction experince has been choosen over me. I am going to enlighten the league on what I think may be going down and see if they want to form a new local-draft style to be voted on by majority. The "Commish's" excuse is he wants to keep it within the guys at the dealership....even though last year they had two who were not, but had very little FF experince.
  22. What about auction draft's?

    I could be totally inaccurate, as I've never done a "live-local" and this league I mentioned is exactly that type of format. I ask these questions for my own awarness and knowledge, as it seems this particular commish like this format because he's far better at it than his league mates. So, if I decide to join this league I want to be like I stated, some feel he does this format to create FF pigeons for himself and I'd like to go in there and kick his cocky azz at his own game.
  23. The Last of the Mohicans

    .....great for those who love to camp and hike. I've been many places and the only place to rival the natural beauty of North Carolina was the Pacific North-West, as it's very beautiful there as well.
  24. The Last of the Mohicans

    Now? What in the Hell am I going to do with Cliaz
  25. The perfect thread