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  1. The Last of the Mohicans

    Great link Whomp
  2. The Last of the Mohicans

    I encourage all to visit my home state with their families.....and then come on down to the coast and we'll have a grand dinner at my place on the coast. If you have never been to North Carolina you should do so in the future. I watched it last night again but in HD for the first time....let's just say I'm very proud to be a true native.....all 40 years right here in Nawth Carolackey.
  3. The Last of the Mohicans
  4. The perfect thread

    I had a V8 this morning
  5. The Best: Defensive Player

    Goop got ya....reading is a wonderful thing.
  6. What about auction draft's?

    I'm not attacking "auction" drafts....damn you auctioneers are sensitive!!!! Now the supierior attitude being displayed by auctioneers is another story all together.
  7. Vick is all done

    Just an insight in to "why" it might have been pulled...not saying they did. I'll just wait and see how it shakes down and whose left standing when all the smoke finally clears, as this is not an attack on the Falcs or their homers.
  8. clam broth

    The company that makes "Clamato" has several other flavors out now..and I think one is just "clam juice".
  9. clam broth

    You dont "boil" steam them. A steamer has three parts; #1-Boiling Pot with a stainless steel spicket, this is where the water goes. #2-Steaming Pot gets a little thinner at the bottom and slides down over the top of the boiling pot and has several holes in the bottom around the size of a pencil eraser for the steam to go up and the broth to go down.This about 2/3rd's bigger in height than the boiling pot #3- The Lid I boil "no" seafood I have two steamers and use them often. I steam my shrimp(far better to me than boiling them), clam and oysters a given, I also poach fish in them and you can steam corn and potatoes in them as well, crab legs and lobster as well. You sit the steamer on a stand they sale with a propane burner underneath, set the steamer on it and crank up the flame. Lift the lid after 15-20 minutes and the steam should be rolling by then-place clams etc in and have a beer.
  10. clam broth

    That's a snub about the whole charcoal vs propane thing....aint it Hey, I live on the coast...and with all the Oyster Roast I've thrown and other yummies I've steamed up, I'd have to say I'm the self proclaimed "steamer" specilaist .
  11. matt millen the team wrecker

    Tarantula, we have been trying to figure out the Fords love of Millen? The only thing left is he must give good head I reckon
  12. Vick is all done

    Regardless of wether the 37 carcasses were found or not, there were still 66 dogs there surrounded by blatent proof of a pretty nice sized dog-fighting operation. I still believe that a back-hoe would uncover the remains of several dogs...if it has not already. Also, it could have been 100% true, but the Feds show up at WVEC and say ..."pull the story" for now. 1st admendment or not, the Feds carry an awful lot of persuasion and slander and liable can be made to stick, FCC license proviked etc...several ways around the "freedom of speech" bail out for the Feds.
  13. The perfect thread

    Tomorrow Huddlers-Buenos Noches
  14. The perfect thread

    Damn thongs and anal pubes -chaps my azz every time I tell ya, and that suttle ripping noise as they get wrapped around the butt floss.....oh chit !! Wrong website...dammit I hate when I do that
  15. clam broth

    Clam broth is gotten from a steamer only, as the clams open while being steamed thier juice drains down into the boiling water, you then strain the now broth through a strainer and bottle it for chowders/seafood stews etc, so if you want true clam broth get about a 100 clams and buy a steamer with the spicket on the boiling pan. You can substitute with the clam "juice"-Calmato can be used for Manhattan style.
  16. What about auction draft's?

    So, there will be a thread on the homepage for player values? I'm pretty sure I'm going to join the auction league here in town and would like to count on The Huddle for my info going into it and any auctioneers who want to pump me some strategy would be this old FF dog is not afraid to learn some new tricks.
  17. Huddler Nation-Year 2

    In if you'd like to be.
  18. What about auction draft's?

    I completely disagree, if you know your $ amount and are savvy about your spending it's cut and dry...fill out you your roster. It really boils down to personel/league preference regarding drafting and my buddy at the local BMW dealership is in a $200 buy in league that does an auction draft and I'm being pitched to join the league..and most likely will.
  19. What about auction draft's?

    I didn't mean to imply that they were on the decline, but I just hear less and less about them, and for the record my local that went from 1989-2004 was considering switching to auction style drafts. I was just trying to gauge where they are in the FF landscape and as usual DMD is on top of the pulse of the FF world. I've never done a "live-local" which sounds like the way to go if a league is considering an auction draft. However, I will defend the "sitting on hands" in a draft as it's this time period that test a hardcore/mature owner's skill in my opinion.....the longer you tend to ponder a perhaps tweak the orginal game plan, which more often than not may throw your entire draft outta flux. I'd say that one would not be any more superior than the other and to say that "veteran" leagues mostly switch because they are now "mature"...I'd have to take that with a grain of salt as well.
  20. I'm not saying #1 overall, but with my picks ranging from 4-6 the last year I had him targeted in the 1st round. If I have the #1 overall pick this year I'd still consider him with the Rams due to their schedule this year as this could be the year he becomes the "stud" RB in FF.
  21. Yes, and who was PD's #1 RB target last year
  22. The perfect thread

    He claims it was "Good until the last drop"
  23. Inter-Courses the June Edition.

    Pasta with Grapes Aphrodisiacs- grapes 2 oz goat cheese, cut into small wedges 4 oz seedless white grapes 1 bunch watercress, trimmed and coarsley shredded 2 scallions, chopped Juice and zest(pulp) of 1/2 orange Salt and Pepper to taste 6 oz pasta spirals, cooked 2 tablespoons olive oil Toss the cheese, grapes, watercress, scallions, OJ, salt and pepper, hot pasta, and olive oil in a large bowl. Serve immediatley.
  24. Vick is all done