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  1. ..most likely alias bait, fun.
  2. I can not put into proper words........

    What's really gonna be fun is when the kids gloves come off and the real trashing of other's homers teams starts cranking up, for instance, I have strong opinions about some of the other NFC teams, but nows not the time.......any other team playing the Little Sister's of the Blind this year?
  3. I can not put into proper words........

    Yeah, I'm at the end of my tolerance, Cat's hit TC on the 27th, so I'll mangae to hang in there
  4. I can not put into proper words........

    Not that bad of a comparison
  5. Let it go, little buddy, let it go.

    One of the all time great "flex" position starters-Mr. Mike Alstott.
  6. Chiefs want 1st, 2nd, & 3rd rounders for LJ

    Why do I feel Lamar Hunt would have already nipped this in the bud?
  7. Chiefs want 1st, 2nd, & 3rd rounders for LJ

    My question is......"Why not pay the boy?" I understand the one year remaining..blah..blah..blah, but 1.7 million in the NFL landscape is like finding a quarter on the sidewalk. I agree and side completely with LJ on this one.
  8. If you were Arthur Blank

    TC hit's July 26......Culpepper has been have a Tsunami of bad PR rushing at you. Would you cut/ suspend until?/have him come to TC after he pays his bond in Richmond on July 26...the start of TC?
  9. Vick Indicted

    That explains the tidbit I heard that said Blank said he had to make a decision that would please some and anger others at the same time.
  10. Vick Indicted

    My biggest worries is that it's continually dragged up to the surface all season long, which will for me, tarnish the season. I want this scumbag outta sight and outta mind when TC's hit as far as playing football this season. He should not be allowed near an NFL stadium this season-have a sack Goodell, Blank and the NFLPA
  11. Vick Indicted

    I concur with Def, as I do not want to listen to this circus and eventually media drivel all season long, this azz wipe stands a chance of tarnishing the season in my opinion. He should be no where around football-besides, he needs to be worried about legal defense and not NFL defenses for the foreseable amount of time in front of him now. .
  12. Vick Indicted

    As I understand Goodells-"conduct detreimental" to the league.....this is a federal indictment, and he is not going to suspend Vick? Methinks the Commish will look quite the hypocritical azz if he does not.
  13. Where do you rank Michael Vick this year?

    Mr Vick has dropped off the board.
  14. If you were Arthur Blank

    I'd have to really think how much longer I'm tying my cart to this horse, for I just don't see this sicko ever living this fiasco down for the rest of his natural born life.
  15. Biggest surprise and loser of the season!

    On topic Suprise-I'd say the Jet's again in the AFCE, with the addition of a RB spurned in Jones, their gonna give the Pat's fit's and I say they split the season series again. Jet's will again be one of the 6 PO teams in the AFC. Loser- Atlanta Falcons, with the indictment handed down against Vick, it's the tubes this season methinks.
  16. Biggest surprise and loser of the season!

    If Fox starts DeAngelo and Richard Marshall at CB over Gamble and we get 8-10 games outta Dan until Beason is ready-Cat's roll. If by the grace of the Big Guy we got an entire season outta Morgan, that D would be very scary.
  17. Vick Indicted

    Bronc, let me explain something to you. If this was an "indictment" from a local or state law source, then yes, some skeptisim. However, this is a "federal" indictment, and when the feds issue these, the case is 99.9% airtight before thay indict and individual. So, in essence, a "federal" indictment usually just means it's only a matter of "due process", but most likely it's airtight and a done deal.....also, the "feds" don't usually get into alot of "continues" when it come to a case.
  18. Ditto-It's DC job to keep or of now, he goes to TC as the #2.
  19. Have at best is 5 in a row and my longest is 64 yds -Enjoy FG Frenzy
  20. QB's 5 thru 15

    Rivers, Delhomme could be in there as has Gates and Co. and the other Steve Smith.
  21. Freeney signs $72 million deal with Colts

    I expect Peppers will get between 75-77 million and a 20-25 million signing bonus.
  22. Michael Vick's Property Raided again

    I still say if Kasay does not kick it outta bounds on the KO...the Panthers win SB 38.
  23. There is a scrap of info at Roto that claims Bulg might hold out if no contract extension is forthcoming, I say it's just "fodder" and he will get his $$ and be in TC.....any Rams homers want to chime in?
  25. Divisional Battles

    The NFCS is shaping up into a two team battle for the crown, as the Saints and Panthers will slug it out for the title. The Saints appear ready to pick up where they left off, but it will be a battle. I'd have to give the Saints the edge right now, however, if the new OT scheme in Carolina jells quickly...then two horse race and a good one at that. I believe both will make the PO (OK, there, I said it) this season. The Saints have all the expectations...the Panthers none.....and that is when they play their best football. This is going to be a very good divisional battle between the two......good luck to the Saint bretheren. Eagles vs Boys 49er's vs Hawks vs Rams Bears vs Packers vs Lions(?) Pats vs Jets Colts vs Jags vs Titans Ravens vs Bengals Chargers vs Broncos