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  1. i am sticky are a ghey man.................... ...thought I was gonna "shades" or something didn't ya
  2. For You Married Folks Only

    Well after each pregnacy...two times...6 weeks....nada......but my wonderful wife came through once or twice a week in the interval
  3. I now have something to monitor in the PS.

    Wait a minute here....they signed a Frenchie!!!!!! He must be one of the few agressive ones?
  4. Tom Brady and the mediocrity gauge

    Brady has Bruschi-nuff said.
  5. Rate my fantasy football team

    I would have taken SJax at #3 and then a RB again and taken my chances on WR the next two rounds, then solidified RB and WR in Rds 5 and 6.
  6. Superbowl Matchup 2007

    I think the Colts will return in the AFC The NFC is very, very cloudy and solid points can be made for at least 7 or 8 teams to represent the NFC, but while I'm predicting nothing this year, I will give a comparison. The 2007 Panthers are much like the 2003 Panthers. The D was solid but the O had to improve......Stephen Davis came aboard and the O did improve. While there are question marks concerning the new O....for arguments sake let's just say it clicks like a well oiled machine, and Fox unleashes Williams outta the backfeild and let's Smitty have his favorite plays back and it's just flat out hard to figure where it's going to come from.....light years from the old scheme. The D should be better now that some players have a year under there belt and the LB corp got younger-faster and better with the addition of Beason, add in that T Davis has finally gotten the D down as well..I think there OK. The 2002 team was 7-9...the2003 team 11-5 NFC Champs. There are some similarities here and they are an every other year MUCH better with a chip on their collective shoulders. The usual pieces are there for a good season for the Panthers..including the 2003.
  7. It's Sunday....and it's back.

    Well, it's back this morning, that jones, that This how it usually goes with me, I get by the 4th and TC looms, then it set's in right about this time every year.....I need my fix.....just two months to go. I'm amped and offensive system in HC in Raleigh...ready to watch the new products unfold on the feild. I miss football and FF but the time away makes you want it even's close now, and I'm ready for it. Next to hit will be the PS dread of getting your homer and FF studs through unscathed.....the SB talk etc. I take solace in knowing that it's a month from tangible news and results and just two months before the quest for the prize begins anew.....bring it. Do it....Do it....Keep me satisfied......Born and raised.............................................................. .........................................Football in America.
  8. Divisional Battles

    It's the NFC, so even your crap pile Skins could rise off the canvas-I doubt it, still ya play against the Boys Iggles and Gents, so give'em hell.
  9. It's Sunday....and it's back.

    Mrs. PD has long grown accustomed to my "football fixation" and enjoys the pace of NFL Sundays.......something simmering in the rants of joy or frustration, waking up on Sunday night to see me watching the SN game. My two girls are also accustomed to "Daddie's teams" each is good, as they let me have my NFL season..then they get me back the Sunday following the SB.
  10. It's Sunday....and it's back.

    .....oh, and I'm going to need another one of those hot sauces again....the cute litte bottle with the ceramic top stopper
  11. It's Sunday....and it's back.

    Yes, I am a junkie . I know exactly how you feel this year....Saints being held as the NFC team to beat etc. I'm starting to enjoy the ? mark around Carolina and I think it will be fun to watch....and I'm ready.
  12. Prayers Needed

    I'm very sorry to hear this news, may your brother rest in peace, and may you and your family gain strength from the loves ones and friends around you. God Speed Tom and my deepest sympathies to you and your family Tim-Sincerly PD
  13. Michael Vick's Property Raided again

    I get the same vibe offa that guy as well.....the Sheriff included. I could be way off base, but as I said in the orginal thread......that eventually was about Kordell Stewart ...I think it's bigger than meets the eye. Time wil tell.
  14. Michael Vick's Property Raided again

    Goodell will be interesting to watch on this one, as he is very, very serious about the "league image", and having fans berate Vick at every game..never letting it die down. I could see a suspension handed down because of this upcoming fiasco and the tension it will create......we shall see.
  15. Divisional Battles

    Tbimm sent me some Cajun seafood boil and creole dry rub, some drink mix for Hurricanes and some restoration ale..etc..
  16. Divisional Battles

    Get in on the regional bets between myself and Tbimm. If you win, something regioanl (food/drink) will be sent.
  17. drink shots

    There is one called the "Tarantula"-Tequilla and some kind of Agave Liquer.
  18. drink shots

    Keep it up Hot will be in my territory eventually.....just keep it up
  19. Michael Vick's Property Raided again It's only a matter of took some $$$ backing for this.
  20. drink shots

    Salt-Tequilla-Lime/Lemon or...Mudslides are good, and most ABC stores have them pre-made...just slap it in the freezer.
  21. TC info away
  22. Wrong Forum.....explore....learn.....achieve.
  23. DeAngelo Williams vs DeShaun Foster

    Also, be aware of Shelton, who was in Hennings dog-house, but has drawn praise from Davidson. Shelton could become the GL back for the Panthers and has responed well to Davidson's coaching of not running so up-right. So, Shelton could finally matter in the Panthers offensive plans this year. Shelton is a bull at 255lbs and Davidson will find a spot for him in the new offense.
  24. Teams of the decade

    Well, considering Fox took over a 1-15 team this decade and has them in the middle of the pack..impressive. Also, Carolina has the most divisional wins since the NFCS was created......nah, Fox can't coach anymore
  25. The Huddle

    Great site.....great MB and instant feedback. I've said it before and I'll say it again......the combined brain-trust here for football and FF is simply unequaled. I look forward to another season of FF here at the Huddle and watching the NFL season play out.