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  1. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Hi! I'm not new here.......What? Well who in the hell are you......fug you to pal....son of a.....
  2. TC info away

    Sweet!! I like the countdown clock
  3. How to have fun in Amsterdam

    SHEEEit.....That's one place I'd like to visit just once. I'd order the variety tray.....yes, I'll take some you have any hash from Turkey
  4. OK....I'll start it........

    I'm proud to be an American and a Huddler God Bless America....and DMD and the crew. Happy 4th Huddlers
  5. Miller Chill

    Had some last night-I enjoyed it, it is similar to Tequiza, great beers on a hot day/night.
  6. Wow, there picked by the rags to win it all..........yeah, that always works out.
  7. US Open looms

    I'm siding with Lefty and I think he may spank the feild.....including El Tigre. I think this year is about one thing for Phil....winning the US Open. It should be a great tourney as usual. I wonder if anyone will cry about the rough or the greens etc..
  8. Wrong's been mentioned. No option of SJax....well in your rush to post to impress...stress can be a hugh mind block at times. Must be his/her third year at best. Uhhhh, Peyton QB's the Colts and it's "Eli" who is at the helm of the Giants.....nice, real nice with that one. This is the Big Leagues of FF....sorry, ya came off as foolish and ill-prepared.
  9. Expectations

    Someone else cornered me at the golf course and ask me what I thought about the upcoming Panthers season, and I have tried to stay away from that topic completely. So, why don't we, us Homers, give our "expectations" for the upcoming season, I believe the Cowboy faithful have layed it out....division crown and possible SB run, and the Eagles parishoners are saying not so fast. there "coach changers". The 49er's may be ready to challenge for the NFCW flat-out, and the Saints are a solid, grouned, talented football team. So, here we go................................................................ Carolina Panthers (This was my basic reponse to the fella mentioned above) I honestly have no idea, I feel as if they have the talent on both side of the ball to play staright-up against any team in the NFC, and it was somewhat gratifying to see DMD relect my own thoughts on Fox not playing the best players at thier repected positions(see DeAngelo WIlliams break-down in RB). I think Beason will contribute immediately on D adding youth to the LB corp as well, and I think Jarret was an outright steal on draft day and will be a solid #2 by week 10 or so......and give DeAngelo the damn ball. If the new offense can give opposing D's more to worry about than Smitty and be effective doing it, then it's going to be fun to watch. However, there is the hitch for me, the "if" factor, but if opposing D's across the league are thinking similar just don't know. I'm looking more forward to this season than last as I have no expectations other than watching them play football on Sunday.
  10. is it me or did something change ?

    Well, you should burn that one up then
  11. New Boards

    Nice, very nice's all good.
  12. two of the cutest girls around

    I don't have a pair that go up to my knees, so I'll have to break out the wader's.

  14. DeAngelo Williams vs DeShaun Foster

    The offense is being built around DW cutback ability and Smitty's ability to work in inter-mediate space and they have also re-implemented the slant, which they took away from Smitty last year. It's very mirror-like of the OT scheme DW ran to perfection at Memphis, so I'd say the majority will be 60% DW and 40% DF, with the heavier load of 70-75% coming around mid-season for DW. Also, Foster will also post better #'s outta the back-feild now as well, as he has always had good hands outta the backfeild as well, and to close it fit's his running style as well.
  15. A little Funk does a body good
  16. With LJ and the hold-out talk, plus the possibility of a little more Turner in SD has me leaning to SJax with the #1 slot on my board right now. I also think SA will not hang around the upper top ten once most drafts are underway-he'll creep into a few #5 holes I would think, damn good coffee this morning, now Willie and Ronnie-who I hope both have great years, this will be interesting to watch this year. Perhaps the OT sheme will be built around both backs? I see the Dolphins changing more than the Steelers scheme wize. Has Westrook ever played an entire regular season? The incumbent and the rookie in Minn, Edge in the desert? My dear DeAngelo in Charlotte......then the properly used Addai and Maroney. The little engine that can in MJD and old Fragile Freddy, and that Jones fella in the Big Apple. I shall ponder on..................................
  17. The Man Behind the Curtain
  18. Passport question

    Same fuggin boat, we want to hit the Abaco during Thanksgiving and mine, Mrs PD are expired and both the girls need theirs as well-so may have to put Abaco off a year.
  19. Fantastic job -especially the WR
  20. surprise team this year

    SF 49er's
  21. which qb

    Win-Win situation, so go with your gut.
  22. More Depth at DE for Panthers.

    The panthers have very nice depth at the DE.....and now we have some more, and this guy will challege for the out right starting job this year opposite Pep.
  23. A little Funk does a body good

    ....ahhh-nice find here
  24. A little Funk does a body good

    .....not so fast there