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  1. A little Funk does a body good
  2. More Depth at DE for Panthers.

    I believe McGlover will start at DE.
  3. PD's Annual FF Rag Report.

    I finished the book I was reading while we were at Hilton Head, so I picked up a FF Rag to read on the beach. The first report will be from PFW. QB's 1-10 Peyton Manning Carson Palmer Tom Brady Marc Bulger(nice schedule this year) Drew Brees Donavan McNabb Mike Vick Matt Hasselbeck Phillip Rivers Vince Young RB's 1-10 LT2 LJ SJax SA Frank Gore Rudi Johnson(climbs every year) Brian Westbrook Willie Parker Joesph Addai Reggie Bush WR's 1-10 Marvin Harrison(top 10 but not #1) Ocho Cinco Smitty Torry Holt TO Fitz Javon Walker Reggie Wayne Roy Williams Anquan Boldin TE's 1-10 Gates Gonzo( ) Shockey Heap Crump Cooley Ben Watson Vernon Davis(click clack) LJS DA Solider(KW) DT's 1-10 Ravens Bears Pats Chargers Dolphins Broncos Steelers Cowboys Jaguars Eagles If you'd like any certain player and where they have them-just ask.
  4. PD's Annual FF Rag Report.

  5. PD's Annual FF Rag Report.

    I actually like their rankings this year.
  6. PD's Annual FF Rag Report.

    Street and Smiths FF Report RB 1 LT2 2 LJ 3 SJax 4 Gore 5 BWest 6 Willie 7 Addai 8 Rudi 9 SA 10 Bush 11Maroney 12 Portis 13 MJD 14 Edge 15 R Brown WR 1 CJ 2 Smitty 3 Wayne 4 Holt 5 Harrison 6 TO 7 Housh 8 Walker 9 Fitz 10 DD 11 Evans 12 Roy Williams 13 AB 14 Colston 15 Andre Johnson QB 1 Manning 2 Brady 3 Palmer 4 Brees 5 Bulger 6 Vick 7 Kitna 8 VYoung 9 Romo 10 McNappy 11 Big Ben 12 Eli 13 Lienart 14 Rivers 15 Hass TE 1 Gates 2 Gonzo 3 Shockey(I'd give Shockey the #2 and Heap#4 and Gonzo #4) 4 Heap 5 Da Soldja 6 Crump 7 Cooley 8 Witten 9 LJ 10 Miller 11 VD 12 Watson 13 D Clark 14 Daniel Owens 15 Desmond Clark
  7. More Depth at DE for Panthers.

    He could be groomed for some OLB in my opinion as well-regardless, some more quality depth, as Rucker should not start if healthy right now in my opinion.
  8. Positive Waves Needed.

    No crisis, and no prayers, as the Lord helps those who help themselves, but the Big Project aka The Bluffs on the Cape Fear is up and just starting to run. We are in the process of picking out a houseplan to serve as our model home. I just received a call from my contact person at the Bluffs and a potential client has choseen to talk to me/my company about building thier house. The market is horrible for specs but a custom is still going up regardless. So, send some positive waves this way, as I'd love to have another house in the pipeline. Every and any builder can throw up a spec, but a client has to choose you to build their house.
  9. Positive Waves Needed. Check it out.
  10. PD's Annual FF Rag Report.

    Street and Smith is on deck for later on tonight, so get the ? ready, as I'll do the top 10 once again at each relevent position.
  11. FF Magazine

    I buy them for the divisional previews, as it's good to look through someone else's eyes at each team etc. The FF section is commom fodder amoung them all and is good for comparisons acrosss the board until DMD starts pumping the well thought out info and analysis.
  12. Let the rumors begin to fly.

    Cowher(ESPN radio only-as of yet) will return to the NFL in 2008 and will want complete control of football operations. The Panthers are of course listed as one of the teams interested( where is this info-who knows), and some are calling in a saying regardless of Fox's success this season-he's gone. We will have to wait and see on this one, as only time will tell, and some verifiable info can be obtained.
  13. Let the rumors begin to fly.

    No, I had to beleive they would play well and make the PO's, as they have the talent. However, beside the injuries, some light is being shed on the offensive woes.....every snap on 1, really no change in play-calling, hence the predictibility. Skill players not being used in the proper positions or proper plays. It's somewhat refreshing to be honest with you, but I'm not going to voice what I think will happen-because I really don't know as of yet. I'll be able to hone a more knowledgeable opinion once TC/PS get's underway etc. As far as talent-they have it on both sides of the ball, and Fox can coach, that being said, they must play the best players and put them in better positions to succeed-something that was way, way off kilter last season.
  14. Panthers Insights from the TD Club Luncheon

    I would like to see us sign Darrius, if he can get back to pre-broken ankle form, then we essentially could get back the type of player we had in McGree-who has been sorely missed.
  15. Let the rumors begin to fly.

    Bottom line is Fox and Hurney work very well together and just got done with another very good draft. As stated, Mr. Rhichardson will not give up that much control to one man-no way. I'm not going to predict anything about this season for the Panthers, but I do know they tend to be an every other year team, they play better with a chip on their shoulder, they play better when "no" one mentions them as contenders, and they have a very nice schedule to get some wins. What does it all mean? Time will tell, but I do know how they tend to react after seasons like 2006-so, I'll just sit back and see what happens.
  16. Huddler Nation-Year 2

    It's $40-Check your PM's
  17. PacMan facing possible life-time ban?

    I really truly could care less, he's a thug, and I would not pisss on him if he were on fire.
  18. just won my first ebay auction

    Welcome to the addiction, and remember, one should not drink and ebay.
  19. Generator System

    Your pretty much fail-safe now my man, so rest at ease.
  20. The guy is a hand job, let it be his first and last golf outing with your group.
  21. i have officially spent too much time reading these forums

    Well, I'll have to call it on that one, either someone behind the curtain is fuggin with me, or the edit and filter have gone
  22. i have officially spent too much time reading these forums

    What in the hell is going on!!!! We cant type C*h*e*r*n*i anymore????
  23. i have officially spent too much time reading these forums

    I think I love you, but what am I so afraid of? sure as hell aint
  24. i have officially spent too much time reading these forums

    OK-I've been mind pillaged
  25. i have officially spent too much time reading these forums

    uhhhh-why is the filter changing hugh to hugh on it's own