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  1. i have officially spent too much time reading these forums

    Man, this sucks, I don't make hugh's beer drinking list and now I'm not even in the dreamt Vegas trip....fuggin tuff crowd around here
  2. If it's a club tournament or a local hanicapped event-then yes, by the book. If we were playing a casual round and you had not knocked it outta bounds etc., then that's another story, but I would say "It's in there but it's been swallowed but it's casual water, so drop and lay 1.
  3. i have officially spent too much time reading these forums

  4. i have officially spent too much time reading these forums

    I had visions of strangling you before
  5. Best NE Patriot tattoo yet...

    Tedy Bruschi is ghey?
  6. i have officially spent too much time reading these forums

    Dreaming of Fektard Conventions is disturbing as hell
  7. If you can't find it, you must declare it a lost ball and drop in the area and lay 2, if it's plugged in a wet area, you request-"lift clean and place" to identify your ball under no penalty. If your feet squish water up around the sole of your shoes you can declare "casual water" and get a free drop out of the casual water area but no closer to the hole.
  8. salary cap in professional sports

    Ask the Pirates, Orioles, Royals, Rockies, Devil Ray's etc-one of the main reason's MLB sucks hindteat.
  9. Myrtle Beach Golf Doing what I can-When I can. We always check here for deals or certain rates etc.-Enjoy
  10. chowdah

    I prefer the Manhattan myself.
  11. Let the rumors begin to fly.

    I totally agree, and for the Huddle record, I would not take Cowher over Fox. The Bengals, Browns and Ravens could not punch their way outta a wet paper bag there for awhile, and they had a great run as a 6th seed-good for them.
  12. Let the rumors begin to fly.

    I agree, and the source is pro football talk evidently, so it's most likey crap. The other two teams are the Skins and the Browns.
  13. ..........pasta tonight and such.
  14. Need a Red Clam Sauce recipe-please.

    I like both, but was in the mood for red....sometimes it's white.
  15. Panthers Insights from the TD Club Luncheon

    It will be between Minter, Cooper and Salley
  16. Prayers/good vibes needed

    Prayers sent.....God Speed, and let's hope in our children's lifetime this horrible disease will go the way of polio etc.
  17. Question for the racists

    That's one that will still be around I'm afraid....for awhile. The one that divides the race around my neck of the woods is this......well spoken, professioanl, educated etc....throw in any words that will fit and people say....."black person", then get the criminal element, drug dealer, street corner gangsta and they get labeled with the "N" word. It will never be right or politically correct, but it is dying a slow death I'm afraid.
  18. Players ready to break out.

    So, if I recall, I said Addai would have the best rookie season of all the rook RB's......and I was right. It was hard to put down the Homer Horn, but I knew DeAngelo would have to wait.....until this year.
  19. 15,000 posts

    Outstanding Post Savage and I truly believe the big guy does work in mysterious but wonderful ways. Nice to know someone out there knows the importance of counting one's blessings. Job Well Done my man....job well done
  20. Need a Red Clam Sauce recipe-please.

    Outstanding, I merged Bier's and one Momma PD ran over as they were similar(recipe). The good thing was ( and I know we've all been there before) it absolutlely hit the spot. #1 it's what I was craving and #2 I wanted to whip it together myself.......needless to say, it will be done again. I despise anchovies, so I omitted them, as when I taste a dish with's all I taste.....NASTY(one man's opinion)
  21. Need a Red Clam Sauce recipe-please.

    Thanks!!! Perfect timing, as I'm headed to the store now. Also, my Sis said.....Thank You, as I turned her on to the cheese fondu recipe....they loved it.
  22. Father's Day Golf

    Now that was funny and I needed a good chuckle-Thanks and well played
  23. Vick is all done

    OK, this is about Rex vs Peyton now .....DMD...please
  24. US Open looms

    No need for that, as we already have MLB.....I'll take the drying paint.
  25. Players ready to break out.

    DeAngelo Williams.....Glory awaits this young man.