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  1. The perfect thread

    I was getting dressed for work this morning....and a Goddess passed by only wearing some very sexy Calvin Klein panties......and without warning and complete lack of self control....mah pants gawt tite.
  2. Soprano's

    Never watched a single meh
  3. Vick is all done

    Well, I'm a sponge for knowledge....and I learned something today. Now, I hope they bury the dirtbag.
  4. The perfect thread

    This thread is like the Waltons now.........Good Night Huddlers
  5. The perfect thread

    Chuck Norris is a pussley and I'd slap that can of Dew right outta his slow hands
  6. The perfect thread

    I'm drawn here like.... a moth to a flame.....a fat man to a hamburger.....a fly to chit.....a penial unit to the furry canyon.
  7. The perfect thread

  8. I Need A Good

    ..nob slobbin.
  9. The perfect thread

    OK-a poem NTTATWWT
  10. The perfect thread

    "Hey, we are going to party tonight!!!" "Wrong Jr, you'll be sitting at home, watching a movie, bag of Lay's, 2 Litre of Coke-Sober as Hell." The infamous words of the Lad.
  11. The perfect thread

    What in the hell is Jo Jo doing...writing a fuggin book?
  12. The perfect thread

    I wish, family sleep-over tonight(we blow up the air mattras and let them sleep in our room)
  13. The perfect thread Bump
  14. The perfect thread

    ....ahhhh late night( for me anyway) padding.
  15. The perfect thread

  16. Two Years Ago Today

    Sometimes, if you don't have anything nice to say....then say nothing at all...pretty low class there.
  17. Two Years Ago Today

    My Pops is now 67(68 in November) and knows he's in the short rows, it's always been tuff love between us but it will be a hugh void when he does go-Time will heal the scar buddy and soothe the hurt, but good memories can be cherished..therefore he lives through you and his blood courses through your sons veins-Peace PD.
  18. Huddler Nation-Year 2

    Your in-League is now full, all other comments/thoughts etc will now be in the BOTH forum-Peace PD
  19. Frisking at NFL games?

    Looks like Mrs. PD has seen her last NFL game......I charge for that kinda thing
  20. What book are you currently reading?

    Erotica 6
  21. Vick is all done

    It sounds like the Feds are amassing booku evidence......if the Feds really want to bury someone...they usually can. I have backed off until we can learn more, but DW pretty much echo's what I've been saying they got involved for a very concrete and legit reason....of that you can be 110% sure. Also, do you really think they would get involved to bring down the "Gangsta Wannabe" cousin.....methinks not.
  22. Huddler Nation-Year 2

    OK, I'll let ya in-are you OK with it being $40 so all 4 PO teams can make some coin?
  23. Huddler Nation-Year 2

    Need 2 more or we could use a private Yahoo Leauge with 10 players. I would like to see the League do a $40 buy in so all the 4 PO teams could make some coin. There is still plenty of time and I prefer to Yahoo anyhoo. Two more spots-Who wants in??
  24. The Last of the Mohicans

    Do you know where it was filmed?
  25. PD's Annual FF Rag Report.

    Oh, nice little advertisment in the Mag there Boss-Saw it, thought about all you Huddlers...then went back to scanning the T and A on the beach.