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  1. Dolphins vs Jaguars (London)

    What is up with Shenault. 8 targets only 4 receptions. Is him not being able to catch or Lawrence throws to him. Everyone else on the Jags seem to have a decent catch ratio.
  2. 2 -1 Fields over Grappo, Anyone else?
  3. Garoppllo vs GB - no running game might have to throw and run himself? Fields @ Cle - just the rookie? to much hype? but shoot out?
  4. What did he just say?!

    Love the post. girlfriend says this " When you get down in this area, you gotta just start pounding it. "
  5. Bills have been hot on D and playing Tenn Ravens been consistent but not out scoring the bills D the last 2 weeks. Besides ogden is out and i figure the Offensives will not be moving the ball and possibly be giving up good field position for easy scoring chances.
  6. I've waited all week to ask...

    I'd go with SA this week. can you look at my post?
  7. Gore or Barber?

    Gore has a better chance or scoring so Gore. can you look at my post?
  8. Shockey or LJ Smith

    Shockey. can you look at my post?
  9. Has he looked good or at least getting better at throwning the ball?
  10. Trade Advice

    last bump. got until noon today. Bennett or Reggie Brown for the rest of the year?
  11. Trade Advice

    I editted my post to add REggie Brown instead of Bennett. Also I was going to add LJ Smith from to get Gonzo. The other guy is hurting at RB oand only has Tiki.
  12. Trade Advice

    Jacobs for Bennett? My #1&2 Wrs are Holt and Roy problem is at #3. My #3's are B.Edwards and Mason. Is Bennett an upgrade over these 2 to trade Jacobs? Or is Reggie Brown a better option?
  13. With Plax out do I start Eli or Kitna?

    That is tough one. Eli is a stud and should be started but I really like Kitna this week. I am starting Roy in one league and Furrey in another. I can see Det throwing a lot today. So I would probably go with Kitna. O yea I am starting Jacobs also figuring that the Gmen will run alot today to get the D off the field being that they are missing alot of starters this week.